Friends of Arnold Schwarzenegger Beg Him to Stop Doing This ‘Dangerous’ Activity

Friends of Arnold Schwarzenegger Beg Him to Stop Doing This ‘Dangerous’  Activity

Arnold Schwarzenegger was a major action star in the 80s. His movies not only were blockbusters, but he was also an inspiration for body positivity and staying healthy (although he still remains so). He has always portrayed strong macho men, capable of taking down anyone. But it’s easy to forget that, in reality, he is just human. His roles may have made him seem invincible, but he is only mortal

When the actor was involved in a series of car crashes recently, it caused both his fans and friends to worry about his safety. Apparently, his friends fear that they may not make out alive the next time. They have reduced to begging the actor to stop doing this dangerous activity and putting his life in danger!

Pals of Arnold Schwarzenegger want him to stop doing this

It is no news that the Hollywood Titan owns several luxury cars. And once in a while, he likes going out for a drive. But recently, every time he has been out for a spin, only mishaps have befallen the star. Giant Freakin Robot claims that his friends have requested him to stop driving his car. They want him to hire a chauffeur to drive him around. 

Only recently he hit a female cyclist when he was driving around on San Vicente Blvd. She had abruptly swerved in his path, leading to the accident. Although the court ruled that Arnold Schwarzenegger was innocent, the ex-bodybuilder, in a sweet gesture, got her bike fixed. Fortunately, he did not sustain any injuries. A similar incident took place last year when his car collided with a Prius and then crashed into a Porsche. Fortunately, the ex-governor came out of it unscathed. 

But his pals fear his luck may run out. He is 75 years old and has already undergone heart surgery. That never stopped the actor from following a healthy routine or even appreciating others who do a good workout.

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Arnold was impressed with Hugh Jackman’s workout post 

Hugh Jackman is slowly but steadily getting jacked for his role in Deadpool 3. In a recent post, the actor showed off his biceps curl while calling out Ryan Reynolds. It came to Schwarzenegger’s notice who dropped a muscle emoji in the comments appreciating his efforts. 

Even though the Predator star is not an inspiration for Jackman, he served as a role model for many, including Ben Affleck

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