How Did JR Moehringer Help Make Spare a Grand Success? Everything You Need to Know About Prince Harry’s Deal With His Ghostwriter

How Did JR Moehringer Help Make Spare a Grand Success? Everything You Need to Know About Prince Harry’s Deal With His Ghostwriter

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex made it to the top headlines last year with their first full-scale bombshell on the royal family. As the December Netflix series broke records, Prince Harry came up with another explosive, which was an extended version of the six-part-docuseries. The Duke’s memoir, Spare, made its own mark among the audience by breaking the bars as New York’s best-selling non-fiction of all time. 

Nonetheless, it was not him alone. Although Prince Harry was the main subject and the legitimate author of the book, the pages were actually filled by a ghostwriter in the press industry. Not only the Duke but various other authors like Geri Halliwell have also used the same procedure to end up being world-renowned authors. 

Prince Harry and his collaboration with his ghostwriter JR Moehringer 

Needless to mention, the work behind the screen plays a major role in making the final result a grand success. Similar is the case with the estranged Prince’s tell-all memoir that made its place in the Guinness Book of Records. Along with the explosive revelations, past confessions, and the romantic journey of the Sussexes, there were the carefully knitted words of JR Moehringer that most of us were unaware of. 

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Moehringer, a journalist-turned-eminent writer, used various quantitative techniques to disgorge all of Prince Harry’s important incidents and life events to end up with the top-notch best seller. And how ghostwriters like him do this is through Literary Ventriloquism. As ABC news reports, it is basically a ‘collaboration” between the subject and the writer. The voice is of the author, while the words are that of the writer as they look into the matter through the subject’s perspectives.

What are the other skill sets required?

The next and probably non-negotiable technique that the writers press on is the importance of being incredibly empathetic and patient. Before getting down to write, they religiously research their subject matter, their issues, traumas, humor, and sensibilities. Following the same, the issue of credit is also subjective and uncertain when it comes to ghostwriters.

While some seek full discretion under any circumstances, others feel free with the confidentiality to deal with the consequences. Last but not least, a principle that every ghostwriter follows is fact-checking the subject’s side of the truth with that of the actual reality, which is where Spare seems to be lacking, given the inconsistencies being pointed out.

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