How Chris Pratt Became the Dream Son-In-Law for Arnold Schwarzenegger

How Chris Pratt Became the Dream Son-In-Law for Arnold Schwarzenegger

Arnold Schwarzenegger, through his numerous stints as a bodybuilder, has established himself as quite an intimidating personality. When he did pack up the drum bells and stepped foot into the acting industry, the fact that his most iconic role was a robotic manic named Terminator only further cemented his intimidating persona. However, whenever the bodybuilder-turned-actor is not shooting for a project he is much more comfortable and essentially extremely gentle during his interviews. However, Schwarzenegger did not deal with the news of his daughter dating movie star Chris Pratt with much softness.

Instead of trying to intimidate Chris Pratt, the actor was himself intimidated by the Marvel superhero. And it was only after Chris Pratt passed a very secret and super important test that the actor warmed up to him.

What made Arnold Schwarzenegger approve of Chris Pratt?

The actor despite contributing a better part of his life to art and politics, always kept his family a priority. Therefore, when Katherine Schwarzenegger broke the news to him, his protective instincts took charge, and he chose disapproval as his weapon of choice. In an interview with Jimmy Kimmel Live in 2019, Schwarzenegger said that “I was sort of blown away when she told me she was going out with him.” What worried the bodybuilding legend wasn’t Pratt’s status as a divorcee but something else.

The Terminator confessed that he felt insecure about a movie star with the impact of Chris Pratt coming into his family. Schwarzenegger shared how he felt Pratt was earning more him, was bigger than him, and starred in bigger movie than him, all of which seemed like a competition to the former Governor. But there was one question that finally helped them break the ice.

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Can we have a workout together?” asked Pratt when they first met and the two melted off any ice in their relationship with that workout. And looks like Schwarzenegger was more than willing to give his blessings to the couple, as he often posts about them on his social media.

Have Terminator and Peter Quill worked together?

The phenomenal bodybuilder and Chris Pratt may have worked out together but they have never done an on-screen project together. Furthermore, Chris Pratt is currently busy with his The Super Mario Bros. movie promotion after his successful run with Jurassic World Domination.

Schwarzenegger, on the other hand, has been off the grid when it comes to movies, focusing mostly on his political and philanthropic work. However, he is looking for ways to collaborate with dear friend, Danny DeVito. It is unfortunate how two powerhouses like Chris Pratt and Arnold Schwarzenegger don’t have a project together despite their strong connection. But who knows what the future holds?

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