How Brits Once Filled Up American Superheroes and the World Loved It, From Henry Cavill to Andrew Garfield

How Brits Once Filled Up American Superheroes and the World Loved It, From Henry Cavill to Andrew Garfield

Over the years, we have witnessed a plethora of superheroes on screen. However, one of the greatest superheroes that left an everlasting impact on the audience is Superman. And ever since Henry Cavill took over the role in 2013, the character’s popularity skyrocketed. The audience was immediately in awe of the Brit in the Kryptonian suit since the first time he appeared on the Man of Steel. Not long before Cavill’s DC debut, another British star Andrew Garfield starred in the 2012 film The Amazing Spider-Man as Spiderman and took the world by storm. However, one can’t help but notice the trend of British actors taking over the roles of American superheroes.

A few years ago and even today, finding the next young British star has become an enormous deal in Hollywood. While it did not really matter whether a Britisher or an American star is playing the role, it did give an idea to the audience about where the filmmakers were headed. When we take a closer look at all these characters, one thing they all have in common is they are all dark characters. Furthermore, all these superheroes have undergone some sort of torture as well. And taking a look at their performances, it seems like British actors adapt better and are more comfortable playing these roles than other American counterparts. Also, both Cavill and Garfield were able to speak in American accents with comfort.

However, long before Cavill and Garfield, it was Christian Bale who was one of the first British actors to land a superhero role. Back in 2005, Bale made his debut as Batman in Batman Begins. He played a major role in popularizing British actors in superhero roles in front of the American audience.

Andrew Garfield and Henry Cavill are two sides of the same coin

As we all know, both Garfield and Cavill are among two of the most popular faces in Hollywood. However, both the actors, despite popularizing the role, had the same fate. The franchise dropped Garfield following his mind-blowing performances in The Amazing Spider-Man and The Amazing Spider-Man 2. However, interestingly, Garfield was replaced by another British actor, Tom Holland. On the other hand, soon after making his comeback in Black Adam, Cavill bid farewell to the Superman role.


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