How Arnold Schwarzenegger Was Responsible for the Timeless Puns of ‘Batman & Robin’

How Arnold Schwarzenegger Was Responsible for the Timeless Puns of ‘Batman & Robin’

Arnold Schwarzenegger was the go-to man for an action thriller in the 90s. Even better if it was a superhero movie. The actor was not only in peak shape thanks to years of training and seven Mr. Olympia titles, but he had a global fanbase like no other during that time, making him just the right guy to play Mr. Freeze in Batman & Robin.

Batman & Robin still remains evergreen thanks to Mr. Freeze’s puns. From “Always winterize your pipes” to “All right! Everyone chill,” they really did not hold back on any puns above or below the freezing point. However, it would have been a completely different story had Arnold Schwarzenegger not played the character of Mr. Freeze.

Mr. Freeze’s puns were specially curated for Arnold Schwarzenegger

In 1997, Joel Schumacher and Akiva Goldsman came out of their rooms with a layered fun and exciting script. One that was yet to find its Mr. Freeze. In a 2017 interview with The Hollywood Reporter, Schumacher confessed that the original lines for Mr. Freeze were meant to be for somebody “who would deliver it in a Shakespearean fashion.” However, when the production got Arnold Schwarzenegger to be interested in the script, they had to revamp the script from originally being told in Shakespearean fashion to more Schwarzenegger fashion.

At that time, the crew of geniuses that were in charge of decision-making deemed it perfect if Schwarzenegger delivered one joke about freezing, ice, or anything that has a low temperature every ten minutes. The only explanation behind this could be the fact that Schwarzenegger was famous for his one-liners. He performed more with his body than with his dialogues. Hence, most of the well-intended puns fell flat on the ice.

What are the best Mr. Freeze puns?

To think that the magic that the 1997 Batman & Robin could have been with its star-studded cast still gets fans boiling. But thanks to the countless icy puns that Schwarzenegger provided throughout its runtime, they can cool off.

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Despite being overdone, there were a few puns that managed to tickle viewers right away. And “Stay cool, Bird Boy” was definitely not one of them. But Schwarzenegger does deliver a hilarious pun when two guards at Arkham Asylum approach him. He says “Allow me to break the ice,” as he bashed their skulls into one another.

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