How an ‘Animated Head’ of Arnold Schwarzenegger Was Used to Handle a British Scandal

How an ‘Animated Head’ of Arnold Schwarzenegger Was Used to Handle a British Scandal

Arnold Schwarzenegger is an international figure and the face of thousands of things. Be it strength or politics, be it business and most importantly acting, the 75-year-old has left his mark on every field that came his way. But he once became the face of a British advertisement about awareness about a certain financial situation.

In 2017, The Financial Conduct Authority launched the advertisement as part of a £30 million Saatchi effort to alert people about the impending PPI deadline. In this commercial, the Terminator actor is there with just his head present. And his head is on the wheels and is in an animated form, resembling somewhat to his blockbuster film Predator. His animated head appears in the advertisement now and then and shouts, Do it now!” also a reference to the 1987 hit.

The Predator actor’s robotic head can be spotted pushing people to hurry up and make a decision. The advertisement traces its roots back to the thoughtful minds of Britain. The financial authorities of the United Kingdom wanted to make people aware of the fraudulently marketed and sold payment protection insurance.

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As per the New York times, to educate the public, they invested in this advertisement involving Schwarzenegger so that it would interest people. But what was this advertisement all about?

More on the advertisement involving the animated head of Arnold Schwarzenegger

While the commercial really caught the eye of the public, let’s talk about its real purpose. PPI or Payment Protection Insurance was a policy that would come in handy if a person would somehow become unable to pay his debts. In other words, PPI coverage would cover a person who got into an accident, has a sickness, or disability, or in the case of his or her demise.

Regulators subsequently found, however, that the insurance product was often mis-sold to customers who either didn’t need it or didn’t meet the requirements to utilize it. The government sued the banking sector for the same years ago and the ad campaign was launched in 2017 to get people to file their claims for compensation.

While the former governor of California’s head was a huge attraction for people in the ad, its sole purpose was to push them to make a decision. The authorities wanted to add some flair to the game, and they did it successfully by bringing Schwarzenegger into the game.

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