When Arnold Schwarzenegger Blamed the Predator Studio for Messing up the Iconic Film Franchise

When Arnold Schwarzenegger Blamed the Predator Studio for Messing up the Iconic Film Franchise

More than 35 years have passed since the first mega-action film Predator arrived on the silver screen. Portraying Arnold Schwarzenegger in the lead role of Dutch, the franchise established its place in the entertainment world. Even today, fans praise the actor for delivering such a memorable performance through impeccable dialogue and inventive action sequences. Following that, the franchise spawned four sequels, yet it never stretched to the level of the debut film. Except for the movie Prey, which brought the franchise back on track. However, before the release of this Hulu adaptation, many people were upset with the failure of all these films, including Schwarzenegger.

Back in 2015, the former bodybuilder sat down with The Hollywood Reporter for a Q&A session. During the interview, the Terminator star was asked whether he would contribute to the franchise reboot that Shane Black did. In his response, Arnold Schwarzenegger blamed the studios for messing up with this iconic franchise.

He stated that it’s amazing when studios create sequels, but sometimes they spoil everything after falling for greed. “You know, they sometimes want to do it really cheap and make as much money as possible, so they don’t hire the right cast or not the right director. … It’s stupid moves to make,” said the Red Heat star.

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Moreover, the actor continued that no Predator has passed the benchmark that his film set in 1987. Notably, the Austria-born star did not appear in the sequel and the role was given to Danny Glover.

Why did Arnold Schwarzenegger not return to the action franchise?  

Last year, the original Predator producer John Davis sat down with Variety for a cover interview. During the conversation, the filmmaker opened up about how Schwarzenegger was supposed to return to the franchise but didn’t. He revealed the former Governor of California stepped back because they couldn’t pay as per his demand.

“The studio was negotiating with him, and the whole deal fell apart over $250,000,” explained the producer. And this is how they moved on with the Grammy winner who agreed to work on their wonderful script. Since then, the studios have been trying their best to fill the boots of this iconic action star, but it hasn’t been the same, to say the least.

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Meanwhile, the most recent release Prey might have changed things by bringing a new kind of protagonist, a female Comanche warrior, in the 1700s. Have you watched this sci-fi film?

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