How a Young Jason Bateman Once Made the Perfect ‘Bad Boy’ on ‘Silver Spoons’ in 1982

How a Young Jason Bateman Once Made the Perfect ‘Bad Boy’ on ‘Silver Spoons’ in 1982

Ozark star Jason Bateman once made the perfect bad boy. Bateman has been in the industry since an early age and has quite a few friends in Hollywood. The comedian seems to have charmed his way into roles from an early age. We saw him play and loved as Michael Bluth in the Netflix series Arrested Development, and later, Marty Bryde in the family thriller Ozark.

So when a young Bateman had dreams of becoming an actor, it was fulfilled through the 1982 show Silver Spoons. This was also a sitcom, like his other shows, but in this one, he played a naughty little boy. The show makers and the 53-year-old actor once described how it all came into place back then.

Ozark actor Jason Bateman once shared what it was like to be a part of Silver Spoons

Jason Bateman had a mischievous quality that impressed the makers of Silver Spoons. He was only 13 when he bagged the role of Derek Taylor, a naughty teen. Bob Illes, the show’s executive producer, said “We loved Jason immediately because he was the perfect foil for Ricky’s character.His character is shown to be a naughty kid who is friends with the show’s lead Ricky Stratton.

The Change-Up actor had good memories from the shoot. He talked about feeling like Huckleberry Finn and hanging by the studio’s trams until Jaws Lake. Until the team people wrote a letter of complaint to his parents, Bateman was naughty, both in and out of the screen appears.

Silver Spoon’s plot revolved around a wealthy man (Edward Stratton), who one day finds a young boy (Ricky Stratton) in his house. The boy is his child from a brief marriage years ago. Thereon, the show takes us on a journey of Edward and his relationship with his newfound son. The show gave out five seasons from 1982 to 1987.

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Although it was not the topmost series of the time, it was mostly liked by the public as a hearty, easy sitcom. Jason Bateman will next be seen in Netflix’s new project Black Rabbit alongside Jude Law. Are you excited to see him back in action? Let us know in the comments.

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