“He’s our Leo” – Florence Pugh Picks This Young Star as the Next Leonardo DiCaprio, Do Fans Agree?

“He’s our Leo” – Florence Pugh Picks This Young Star as the Next Leonardo DiCaprio, Do Fans Agree?

Very few can claim the title of a superstar and an A-list actor. Leonardo DiCaprio is one such rare example. While he started out as a heartthrob in the 90s, the young actor quickly shed his lover boy image to reveal that he had character actor depth. 3 decades have passed and none could compare to the acting stalwart. However, Gen-z’s favorite actress, Florence Pugh, is of the opinion that we already have a young Leo in the making!

Who does this actress think can replace Leonardo? And how are Twitteratis reacting to it? 

Fans react to Florence Pugh’s pick for the next Leo 

Many consider that the star system is dying. Hollywood is not making A-list stars like it used to. Tom Cruise, Brad Pitt, and Leonardo are the last of the stars. But of course, Florence Pugh begs to disagree. During Pugh’s chat with Vanity Fair, she revealed that this generation has already found its Leonardo DiCaprio, and it’s none other than Timothee Chalamet. “He’s our Leo”, she said.

No sooner had the actress said this, twitterati were ready with their keyboards to type out their responses. While a few fans agreed with the actress, understanding she was comparing the level of admiration Chalamet was getting now to what DiCaprio once received, others weren’t alright with the comparison. Many fans of the Little Women actor didn’t think Pugh’s statement was a compliment and pointed out how the Titanic actor is not held in high regard at the moment.

Timothee does have the making of a young Leo. He has Roman features that solidify him as the current generation’s heartthrob. But like his predecessor, he combines his looks with sheer acting talent. All his projects have been varied and have showcased his range from Call Me by Your Name to Bones and All. And Pugh is no less when it comes to her fame.

Pugh is definitely one of the busiest actors working in the industry today. Last year, she headlined Olivia Wilde’s erotic thriller Don’t Worry Darling alongside Harry Styles. While the movie was mired in controversy before release, and the movie received a rather topic reception, her role was highly praised. And she closed the year with the Netflix Original, The Wonder. With such meteoric rise, it’s no wonder the actress is feeling the pressure.

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Florence Pugh feels the pressure as her followers grow

Lately, Instagram has added to the actress’s anxiety. She confessed to deleting the app entirely when the pressure gets too much. Boasting millions of followers, Pugh has grown conscious of what she posts on her social media account. 

During the same interview, she revealed that she felt the change happening when she started gaining followers following Little Women. She is now aware that she has an audience. That she does, given the reaction twitterati has shown for her statement about Chalamet.

Do you agree with her pick for the next Leonardo DiCaprio? Share your thoughts in the comments.

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