Oscar Winner Directorial, Florence Pugh’s New Period Drama Is Now Streaming on Netflix

Oscar Winner Directorial, Florence Pugh’s New Period Drama Is Now Streaming on Netflix

Period dramas carry their own charm! The setting, the narratives, the frame, the costumes, the dialects, and everything in between; watching such visually compelling movies and series is never a wrong decision. And it seems like the streaming giant, Netflix understands this well. From the gangster British series, Peaky Blinders, the raunchy Regency drama, Bridgerton to the detective fiction of Enola Holmes and now The Wonder, yet another plain period drama starring Florence Pugh. The OTT platform has it all and is seemingly upping its forte by adding more and more such visual delights.

Talking about Florence Pugh’s brand-new endeavor, November 16 marked its debut on Netflix’s platform, transcending its audience to the outskirts of 19th-century Ireland. A slow-burning work of art, strongly magnetic, haunting, and captivating; The Wonder is an exquisitely led picture and would seemingly prove to be an engrossing effort. However, if you are still not sure about the Sebastián Lelio direct, from synopsis to trailer and cast- Here’s everything you need to know:

What is Florence Pugh starrer period drama The Wonder about?

If defined in a single phrase, period drama is about stories. It is about the narratives’ ability to transform, destroy, resurrect, imprison, and liberate. Furthermore, directed by Sebastian Lelio, the movie is based on a novel by Room’s Emma Donoghue where science is pitted against religious beliefs in a contest of grieving mothers. Notably, it follows Pugh’s Elizabeth “Lib” Wright, a 19th-century nurse in a remote Irish village to observe a girl, who, people claim, has been on fast ever since she was young.

As she digs deeper into the truth, Lib learns about a serious disease that only Ann can cure with her own will. Now one could only find out if the nurse is able to save the girl by streaming the period drama, only on Netflix. Moreover, if not the synopsis, watching the glimpses of the actress’s irresistible performance in the trailer above would surely make your head to the streaming platform right away.

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The Wonder: Cast

The movie notably stars Florence Pugh as the nurse, Elizabeth Wright. Pugh not only does full justice to the character, but her performance also brings a plethora of appreciation to the period drama. Moreover, Kíla Lord Cassidy plays Anna O’Donnell and Tom Burke plays the role of the journalist.

If you are still unsure, author Emma Donoghue joins the Oscar-winning director for the screenplay. So stream the movie right away and do let us know in the comment section if you found it intriguing enough.


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