Here Are 5 Reasons Why You Should Watch ‘The Assistant’ featuring Julia Garner

Here Are 5 Reasons Why You Should Watch ‘The Assistant’ featuring Julia Garner

Julia Garner is no longer a star-in-making but a supernova standout already. Her brilliant acting in the American crime and thriller series Ozark, directed by Jason Bateman, is one of her finest works till date. But Ozark isn’t her only work that has got her global acclaim and recognition. Before the series came into life, Julia had already worked in a number of movies and television shows that are yet to lose their charm to this day.

Out of them was her latest before Ozark, The Assistant. It is a one-and-a-half-hour dark and gritty must-watch that encapsulates the dreadful life of a newbie employee. Here are top five reasons why you should watch the movie ASAP!

This Julia Garner movie puts corporate a-holes on blast

One of the prime reasons why this movie is worth a watch is because it is based on true events. The movie portrays the life of a young graduate who just got her hands on her dream job. As enthralled as she is, it soon comes tumbling down on her when she finds out the dark truth about her office. Since the movie rightfully serves the purpose of displaying the mirage of the society, youngsters and movie freaks must watch this atleast once in their lifetimes.

The movie also hits home if we look at the corporate side of it. It makes you realize just how secretaries tend to have to learn a variety of skills. Legal shorthand, accounting, how to deal with people, ethics, and they learn other skills, too, since a secretary is required at most companies in a variety of fields. In short, it gives you an outlook to the semi-terrifying office culture.

The trailer delivers just enough of the story to make you want to watch the movie to figure out just what on earth is going on. It builds suspense and although not being a horror story, it sends chills down your spine. Filled with thrilling, nail-biting moments, this movie keeps you on the edge of your seat almost all the time.

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In a parallel world, Ruth finally gets the legitimate life she wanted but ends up as an Assistant

This movie is not the usual superwoman or lady becoming the messiah of a bunch of people and helping them out. Rather, it’s just the opposite. It doesn’t give a clear-cut ending, and the unwinding gritty tales do not meet their tails, but we know Julia’s got the point. We know she senses absurdity and that something is very, very wrong.

The last and the most obvious reason to watch this movie is the one and only Julia Garner. The thrilling monologues, her passionate expressions, the riveting close-ups, and her out of the box acting skills are sure to keep you grounded all throughout the length of the movie.

So, what are y’all waiting for!? Go and stream this enticing movie starring Garner on Prime and Hulu ASAP!

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