Henry Cavill, Who Recently Lost World’s Most Handsome Man’s Title to a K-Pop Star Has One Major Flaw, Says Christina P

Henry Cavill, Who Recently Lost World’s Most Handsome Man’s Title to a K-Pop Star Has One Major Flaw, Says Christina P

Modern-day Superman Henry Cavill has got it all. Name, fame, and the love of his fans. He started his career with a minor role in the movie Laguna (2001) and gained his well-deserved global recognition with Man of Steel (2013) more than a decade later. It was his steel-cut jawline, sparkling blue eyes, and amazing physique that added to his fan base. The actor was considered to be the Most Handsome man in the world, that is until BTS’ RM, aka Kim Namjoon dethroned him. Nevertheless, comedian Christina P remains his true fan.

According to Christina, he is so handsome that even his Man of Steel co-star, Amy Adams is not pretty enough for him. But then, even the most perfect people have some deal-breaking qualities to them. And in her new episode of Your Mom’s House, she wonders what her deal breaker is when it comes to DC’s handsome hunk.

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Henry Cavill has this deal-breaking quality, according to Christina Pazsitzky

No matter how perfect you are, everyone has some flaw that could be a deal breaker for someone. In episode number 671 of YouTube’s Your Mom’s House, Christina and her husband Tom Segura discussed celebrity deal breakers, especially the super hot ones. The couple discussed that one of Cavill’s deal-breaker qualities is his being into “nerdy” stuff. She doesn’t find it to be an attractive quality.

Segura also added that their own show explained how Cavill once assembled a computer on live-streaming. But that flaw isn’t big enough. That is when Christina aimed at Henry Cavill’s eating habits and dietary restrictions, which, according to her, could be a major flaw. She doesn’t appreciate people with strict eating habits, something that Henry Cavill must follow to maintain the Superman physique. We know one thing; whey protein and chicken are a regular part of his fit diet.

But these habits are what helped him stay at the top of his game and fit perfectly in superhero roles. Who knows? This streak of commitment could get him back to being the No.1 Handsome Man in the world and if nothing else, at least bag him that coveted MCU role. Henry Cavill will soon be seen in Black Adam and in Enola Holmes 2 as Sherlock Holmes.

What about Henry would be a deal breaker for you? Comment below.

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