Henry Cavill Has Loved Gothic Architecture for Years, ‘The Witcher’ Locations Are No Exception

Henry Cavill Has Loved Gothic Architecture for Years, ‘The Witcher’ Locations Are No Exception

Many have said that Henry Cavill is a man who is devoted to his craft. And we have been witnesses to the truth of this statement with every project of his that releases. But did you know that Cavill is also a man who appreciated art? The actor is known to be a gamer and an avid book reader.

From installing his own PC gaming giant to learning swordsmanship for his role as the Geralt, the actor has a knack for extraordinary talents. While his performance as the Geralt of Rivia in Netflix’s video game adaptation became insanely popular, this isn’t the first time that Cavill has starred in a role that took him back in time. More than a decade ago, the actor listed down his favorite shoot locations.

Henry Cavill once revealed his favorite shoot locations

Cavill’s popularity has now gained momentum like never before. His back-to-back stellar performances have made him one of the best, most sought-after actors in all of Hollywood. News of the actor playing James Bond is making the rounds yet again. And after completing three seasons in Netflix’s adaptation of The Witcher, the British actor has returned to the DC universe as Superman. However, his favorite shooting location is from one of his earlier roles.

Cavill chose Venice as his 5th favorite shoot location. The actor revealed that he shot his film, Laguna in Venice. And despite the movie never seeing the light of day, the actor had a jolly time in Venice. Next at number four, the actor chose Prague.

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Cavill shot the aesthetic romantic drama titled Tristan & Isolde in Prague. It was in Prague that Cavill discovered his love for gothic architecture. “It was just so dramatic with the Gothic architecture and the mist rolling in everywhere.” Guess this love for the Gothic art could explain his attraction to The Witcher world and the locations of the Netflix show.

The actor then expressed his love for Ireland, more specifically, Dublin. The Man of Steel actor chose Rome as his second favorite shoot location. Cavill expressed that despite of the city being old and historic it has very young energy, which is one of the reasons why it is his favorite. The place that bagged the spot of number one is Malta. The cozy island has been a shooting location for many movies and series. Cavill shot The Count of Monte Cristo in Malta.

Which of these locations is your favorite? Make your pick in the comment section below.

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