Henry Cavill Reveals How Playing Theseus Was a Good Warm Up for His Future Roles

Henry Cavill Reveals How Playing Theseus Was a Good Warm Up for His Future Roles

Henry Cavill is the king of green screens. The 39-year-old Britisher has the looks of a Greek God and the personality of an interesting bookworm. The actor is one of the most talked about Hollywood celebrities and one of the most handsome men in the world. But his contribution to the movies is more than acting out roles. Henry likes to study them and be an active part of his characters built and details of what goes into the movie.

The actor is perhaps most known for playing Superman in DC’s Man of Steel. But before Cavill could put on the superhero cape, he played roles in several fantasy projects like The Tudors, The Immortals, etc. But acting on a regular set is different from acting in fantasy films. In an interview with GQ, Henry Cavill reveals how playing Theseus early in his career helped avoid confusion in future roles.

Henry Cavill tells how Theseus helped in future roles

Henry Cavill has proved to be a macho man in every type of movie he signs. All of them are action movies, and almost all of them are shot with a green screen. In an interview with GQ magazine, Henry broke down his most iconic characters. Some of these were Man of Steel, Mission Impossible: Fallout, The Immortals, The Tudors, etc. It was here when Henry revealed how playing Theseus helped his future roles.

According to the actor, “It wasn’t as challenging as one may think, working on a green screen. But he added that Tarsem showed The Immortals team a lot of artwork which helped them. The director would show them a cliff and then the supposed view the actors would see from that point, with the magic CGI effects, of course. According to Cavill, playing Thesus, “definitely was a great introductionsince the actor’s future roles involved him playing in pure green screen rooms. 

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The 2011 action fantasy film The Immortals is based on fantasy Greek mythology. It was not the biggest hit, but sure paved the way for Henry Cavill’s future roles. The actor will be next seen in the upcoming movies Black Adam and Enola Holmes 2. Until then you can watch his fantasy series The Witcher on Netflix.

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