Who is Elly Conway, the writer behind the 200 million dollar Henry Cavill starrer, ‘Argylle’?

Who is Elly Conway, the writer behind the 200 million dollar Henry Cavill starrer, ‘Argylle’?

Henry Cavill although famous for playing the Kryptonite man, is once again donning a suit for a spy thriller.  The movie is an adaptation of Elly Conway’s novel, Argylle. Argylle was announced in 2021. It stars Cavill, Dua Lipa, Ariana DeBose, Bryan Cranston, and Bryce Dallas Howard. 

However, Elly is also a first-time novelist. And Apple’s willingness to sign a check for $200 Million dollars to get the rights to a first-time novelist is raising quite the eyebrows. Just who is Elly Conway?

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Who is the mysterious writer Elly Conway that has convinced Henry Cavill to return to a spy thriller?

Elly Conway is almost like a ghost. There’s almost no information about her on the internet. She isn’t on any social media platforms. There’s only an Instagram account, @authorellyconway with 5 followers and zero posts. Searching her name on Google only returns information about a fictional character from the Australian TV show, Neighbors. 

She doesn’t have a single book on sale yet. Her debut novel Argylle was slated for a September 29 release, but it was postponed to March 2023. Although there’s a Kindle version of her novel but it’s in German. Again it remains unreleased until Jan 10, 2023. There’s only a short bio that says she lives in America and is working on her next novel. 

Other publications have tried to reach out to her but to no avail. Neither her publicist, Ballatine Books nor her agent WME’s Eric Reid has given up any information on her identity. 

However, an alternate spelling of her name does turn up some info. Instead of Elly, Ellie Conway is listed as a Penguin Random House writer. Reports about the Apple deal also popped up upon searching for Ellie.

The film has been in post-production. And has only released a teaser so far. 

In the teaser, Dua Lipa is seen seductively dancing to lure Cavill. Whereas, Henry Cavill in the voiceover says “The bigger the spy, the bigger the lie”. There’s no release date yet. But it may release in 2023 according to IMDb.

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Are you going to use your stalking skills to find some info on Elly Conway?

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