Will Hellbound Have a Season 2 on Netflix? Know the Updates Here

Will Hellbound Have a Season 2 on Netflix? Know the Updates Here

South Korea is a land of many talents and marvelous stories, and we are getting to see all that first-hand thanks to Netflix. Hellbound seems to be the next big thing out of the Asian country, and it is one hell of a ride. You get the taste of the brutality and terror right in the first scene of the show; when we get to see some pretty gruesome creatures dragging people sentenced to death by “angles” into hell. And it only gets better after that, but as the show has ended it makes us question: will there be a Hellbound season 2?

While the supernatural elements of the show are always present throughout its course, the major story refocuses on how religious visitations have affected Korean culture. Train to Busan Yeon Sang-ho is the man whose mind created this show, and we are pretty sure there are more such things inside of it. The show ended on a cliffhanger, and that too was a very disturbing one. So everyone is wondering where does this show go? As it clearly has the potential to take the throne of Netflix’s next big Korean drama following Squid Game.

Hellbound season 2: when will it air?

Yeon Sang-ho always has a lot on his plate, but he always gives us masterpieces with his direction and writing. While there has been no official announcement for a season 2 if Netflix renews it, Sang-ho has the potential to give us the series in late 2022; as long as we do not have another global pandemic.

Who will be in this second season?

Since there is no official announcement, we can expect Kim Shin-rok to return to her role as the ending perfectly sets up her as the potential lead for the show. We also hope Kim Hyun-Joo returns for the show, as he was the man who drove the entire narrative of the first season.

We saw a plethora of deaths in season one, but the very supernatural nature of the show suggests that people can come back; in case they don’t come back to life, we always have flashbacks. Yoo Ah-in might return, too. As cunning and creepy, he was an essential part of the story arc of the entire show.

The plot for Hellbound’s new season

The first season of the Netflix Original ended in a very interesting scene; we saw Park Jeong-ja come back to life from hell (if she was there). So we understand that the story of Hellbound season 2 will continue from here.

We will find answers to a lot of questions and will even be left with new questions. Are the so-called angles really angles? Are the victims really being sent to hell, or there is some other place where they are kept? We will find out everything when we get season 2 of the show.

Hellbound season 2 trailer

As excited as we are for a trailer of season 2, sadly we do not have a trailer since there has been no announcement for it. We are hoping to see something about it in 2022, but that will only happen if Netflix gives the green light to season 2.

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