The Last Kingdom Season 5 – Netflix Release Date, Cast, Synopsis and More

The Last Kingdom Season 5 – Netflix Release Date, Cast, Synopsis and More

The Last Kingdom, Netflix’s historical-fiction drama, is going to be renewed for another season. The series, based on Bernard Cornwell’s novel saga The Saxon Stories, will see its final season soon. Find here the release date, cast, synopsis, and more of The Last Kingdom season 5.

The Last Kingdom renewed for season 5 at Netflix

The Last Kingdom season 5 release date

The Last Kingdom began as a BBC series on October 10, 2015. Later, Netflix joined the production as a co-producer. Following the release of the third season in 2018, Netflix took over the production entirely. Season 4 of The Last Kingdom is so far the latest one, released in 2020.

Netflix announced a final season 5 in July 2020. Producer Nigel Marchant said:

 “It’s been such a privilege to tell Uhtred’s story for five seasons. I’m so grateful to our fans. They have been immensely loyal to The Last Kingdom and thanks to their support, the team is getting together for another round.”

The production was supposed to begin soon after but had to be put on hold because of COVID restrictions. While Netflix hasn’t announced an official release date for season 5 of The Last Kingdom, the platform has dropped a lot of other content.

The digital can” of course refers to post-production editing and processing. Despite no news on the official release date yet, fans are expecting the last season to come out somewhere at the beginning of 2022. Despite it being the end of the series, Marchant has confirmed that there will be a movie after it, as well.

Cast- recurring and new

Producers of The Last Kingdom have decided to not introduce many new characters. The leading actors of the Netflix Original will be reprising their roles. Alexander Dreymon, Eliza Butterworth, Arnus Fedaravicius, and Millie Brady can be seen in the following video. Other actors include Mark Rowley, James Northcote, Ewan Mitchell, Timothy Innes, among others.


Joining the cast of the series are Ewan Horrocks, Ryan Quarmby, Phia Saban, and Harry Gilby.

Synopsis of The Last Kingdom- how true is it to The Saxon Stories?

The Saxon Stories saga contains 16 full novels. Each initial season of The Last Kingdom covered two novels. Subsequently, producers rushed the production. The ten episodes of the last season are supposed to incorporate the plot Cornwell wrote in five long books, a task physically impossible. This has led many fans to believe that the series will deviate from the books.

Fans and viewers are hoping The Last Kingdom doesn’t end up like Game of Thrones did.

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