Harry & Meghan: Prince Harry Compares Meghan Markle’s ‘compassion, empathy’ To Late Mother Princess Diana

Harry & Meghan: Prince Harry Compares Meghan Markle’s ‘compassion, empathy’ To Late Mother Princess Diana

The Harry and Meghan docuseries is finally out and royals enthusiasts have got the biggest bombshell of a documentary in years. There were uncountable rumors and loathsome controversies surrounding the teaser and the trailer. However, the first few episodes of Harry and Meghan have narrowed down the vision Prince Harry had been trying to portray. Ever since the release of the first glimpse, hundreds of criticism followed but it all took a heartwarming turn when the Prince revealed he has found a version of her mother, in his wife.  

The Duke of Sussex emptied his soul out gushing about the same in the just-released docuseries. Speaking of his mother, he talked about the heart-wrenching awful death of Princess Diana. Harry evidently showed the world what it meant to be the son of the late Princess of Wales back in the 90s. From the feeding media frenzy to the utter dilemma that he and William as children had to go through, he said it all. 

Prince Harry relates his wife, Meghan Markle to Princess Diana

However, what stole the heavy hearts of the viewers was Harry’s confessions about his wife. Having shown overwhelming video segments of their early lives of courtship, Harry could not stop gushing about Meghan Markle and his mother.So much of what Meghan is and how she is so similar to my mom,” said the Duke. Narrating the attributes, feeling utterly grateful about the same, he said, “she has the same compassion, she has the same empathy“. 

Meghan Markle, his beloved, has the same confidence as his mother, Princess Diana, the Prince added. He further explained how Markle has a warmth about her that adds colors to everything he did in his life. While he narrated, simultaneous pictures of Princess Diana with baby Harry and Meghan Markle with their son, Archie, provided a soothing panorama of heartwarming feelings that Prince Harry had been trying to say. 

However, what has been the crux of the matter was the increasing fear of the same he has around the Duchess as he had around his late mother. As per his words, Harry lost her mom to the hounding paparazzi who were chasing Diana’s car as the accident occurred. Likewise, he is terrified of everything that has been remotely similar to his wife to date. 

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