Harry & Meghan: “No emotions, get out there..” – Duke of Sussex Narrates the Horrifying Aftermath of Princess Diana’s Untimely Death

Harry & Meghan: “No emotions, get out there..” – Duke of Sussex Narrates the Horrifying Aftermath of Princess Diana’s Untimely Death

Netflix is overwhelmed to finally drop the first volume of Harry and Meghan and so are the viewers. The first few episodes of the six-part-docuseries are certainly more of an emotional rollercoaster than just mere interviews that we are used to as truth bombs. As refreshing as it was, what came as the most tear-jerking segments were Princess Diana and her stories with young Harrison. 

Evidently, Prince Harry was not able to get over the shocking effects of the Former Princess of Wales. Moreover, the horrendous and dreadful aftermath of it that followed left the two children, especially Prince Harry at the mercy of the gushing paparazzi. Not being able to deal with the sudden traumatic blow as just teenagers, the Princes, as Harry said, were put under agreements. However, unfortunately, it just worsened the situation instead of mending it for the better. 

Prince Harry shares what the palace expected of him after Princess D’s death

After having talked about the borderline illegal truths behind Princess Diana’s death, Prince Harry went on a heartbreaking flashback. He started narrating the horrific series of events that followed after the Princess’ heart-wrenching demise. Trying to come to terms with his mother’s untimely death, Prince Harry stated, “When my mum died, he had two hats two wear”. He explicitly mentioned the public facade they had to maintain with a grieving heart. 


One was two grieving sons, who wanted to cry, grieve and process that grief of losing our mom,” the Prince elaborated further. The Duke then continued to explain the Palace’s terms indicating the second hat. The one with a “no emotions, get out there, meet people and shake hands” legacy. The documentary as he spoke showed the grieving video segments of young Harry and William meeting the awfully devastated people after the funeral. 

As the subjects of the UK tried to comfort them in moments of pain, Harry confessed, “The UK literally swept me and William up as their children“. The saga of the Royal Family drenched in sadness after the accident seems to have lingered on to date. Evidently so, Prince Harry was seen emotionally driven by narrating the past through his eyes before the world. Reasonably so, he further went on to explain the air of fear and apprehension he has regarding, his wife, Meghan Markle.

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