‘Harry & Meghan’ Director Liz Garbus Goes Candid on How Meghan Markle Always Had a “violent experience” With the British Media

‘Harry & Meghan’ Director Liz Garbus Goes Candid on How Meghan Markle Always Had a “violent experience”  With the British Media

It was not until Netflix’s blockbuster docuseries Harry & Meghan that fans came to know about the darker side of being a royal. The six-part-docuseries on the treacherous life and times of the Duke and Duchess of Sussex, Prince Harry and Meghan Markle following their marriage laid bare the naked truth behind the Palace’s closed doors. Starting with the indifference shown to Meghan Markle up until it took the shape of literal media harassment, the show incorporated it all. However, the director has something more to add. 

During the making of the record-breaking docuseries for Netflix, director Liz Garbus worked closely with the estranged royals. Although her take on the entire matter was quite clear on the Sussexes throughout the series itself, Garbus believes it went a bit too harsh on Meghan Markle. 

Meghan Markle had to endure more than Prince Harry 

The Oscar-nominated director recently sat with The Hollywood Reporter to break down her take on the docuseries, her career strategies, and the massive fame that came along with Harry & Meghan. In the course of the interview, she was asked about how she makes peace with the audience with the most difficult yet intriguing plotlines ever. 

Given the instance of the controversial storyline of Harry & Meghan, Garbus explained how she made the viewers comfortable with disturbing facts. She mentioned how Prince Harry had a “lifetime of experiencing or sharing stories with the media.” Getting tangled in a made-up situation that he did not recognize was not new to him, as a royal. However, “Meghan Markle had a short but violent experience of that,” affirmed the director. 

A partnership, not an investigative documentary 

Their story was slightly controlled by them, which Garbus felt was okay. As long as the viewers were kept in the loop, she felt it was the right thing to do. The director further revealed that although it was termed a ‘docuseries’, it was actually a contract between the filmmakers and the subjects of the series. Hence, as long as the viewers were aware of the contract, recreations and personal additions to the story do not hurt, believes the director. 

It’s like if you’re making a documentary with re-creations, just let your viewer know that they’re re-creations,” said Garbus. She further made it pretty clear that it was “not an investigative documentary.” It was a true collaboration, moreover a “partnership with the principals,” said Liz Garbus before concluding the segment. 

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4 thoughts on “‘Harry & Meghan’ Director Liz Garbus Goes Candid on How Meghan Markle Always Had a “violent experience” With the British Media

  1. Reply
    Beth Crowder
    March 20, 2023 at 2:29 pm

    I think you’re totally wrong. The damage done will never be undone. The ratings for the Harkles is lower by the week. When your approval ratings are -48 % that’s disgraceful. For their own sake they should stay in the US because if H and M thought they got booed at the Queen’s Jubilee they haven’t heard anything yet. I’d expect egg throwing too.

  2. Reply
    March 21, 2023 at 5:55 am

    Ahhhh, the British. So civilized, such impeccable manners. WTH is in the water over there? Smh.

    Thank God Harry is free from the ridiculousness of the dysfunctional cyborgs, aka the British Royal Family. When are you people going to wake up and smell the coffee. The RF is worthless, entitled and full of $hit. You all are like poor ignorant peasants from a century ago believing their reasoning as to why they are still relevant. Good gawd the British royalists need lobotomies at this point. How sad how the mighty have fallen.

    Harry is too nice to say what he really thinks of you stupid, uncouth imbeciles. Go brush your teeth, you filthy serfs.

  3. Reply
    Ellen Michiel
    March 22, 2023 at 4:15 am

    I have followed Harry and Meghan since their relationship became public and regularly visited the digital version of the Daily Mail and the Sun among other British tabloids. Accordingly, maintain a front row seat on the attack-style coverage Harry and Meghan received while actively in service to the Queen and the people of Britain. It was anything but kind or accurate. Yes, Meghan was targeted for constant, vicious and degrading articles but WORSE than the articles themselves were the “readers comments” that ran with the articles. It was these often outrageously racist, misogynistic and just plain hateful and ugly “comments” that really poisoned the well. Hating Meghan appeared to be a national past time in the UK, Australia and parts of the US. These scurrilous writings would never have seen the light of day in any American publication with general circulation but in British tabloids this garbage was part of the publication’s bread and butter. For anyone with half a working conscience it was enough to curdle the stomach. Unfair is far too mild word to use. Harry, the acknowledged warrior and only shortly before more popular than even the Queen, was portrayed as milksop led about by his wicked wife. And as much as Meghan was excoriated Catherine was elevated to the heights of sainthood. Forget the fact that Meghan was too often condemned for the same things Catherine was praised for, the two women were pitted against one another constantly and for everything. They still are. And don’t get me started on TV. Piers Morgan, who has made a lucrative career out of Meghan-(and now Sussex -) bashing, is only one of many talking heads who competed against one another over who could say the most unkind thing about these two royals. That this constant tattoo of hateful words took an immeasurable toll on the psyche of the targets goes without saying. That it was fed by leaks and planted stories, trolls and troll networks, and the imaginations of mislabeled “journalists” should go without saying but does need saying. I have never wondered why Harry and Meghan threw in the towel and left. I only wonder why they took so long.

  4. Reply
    Karen Hill
    March 25, 2023 at 5:39 pm

    OMG! These 2 are so ungrateful,. They jumped into marriage, instead of being engaged for ayr or so. They should have taken the time to show the ways and how things are done as a Royal. She was so sure that H was a BILLIONAIRE and possibly more. She never intended to stay in the UK. All she wanted was the Money. She should have taken the help to learn about how the ROYAL’S live and operate. Then maybe, just maybe all of this CHAIOS WOULDN’T BE AS IS NOW!!!?! WAKE UP PEOPLE. STOP PUTTING ALL THE BLAME ON THE WORKING ROYAL’S. These 2 never followed the protocols like all of the others. Harry and his gold digging wife felt like they were so privileged. I have NO SYMPATHY for their ignorance nor for their STUPIDITY. ( BTW, THERE’S NO CURE FOR STUPID). HARRY MUST LOVE THAT HE MARRIED A DOMINANT, CONTROLLING WOMAN!.

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