“Good owners…” – Ryan Reynolds and Rob McElhenney Get Compliments From Wrexham Striker Ollie Palmer

“Good owners…” – Ryan Reynolds and Rob McElhenney Get Compliments From Wrexham Striker Ollie Palmer

From being a successful actor to a football club owner, Ryan Reynolds has achieved it all. The entrepreneur teamed up with friend Rob McElhenney to purchase the Welsh football club Wrexham AFC. The plan was to revive the club and bring it back to its old glory, which not only made the new owners happy, but also fans of the team.

The club was purchased from Wrexham Supporters Trust for $2.35 Million. Not only did they take over the club but also began a new series called Welcome to Wrexham. The docuseries were made to not only gain popularity but also to show the progress of the team. Both comedians had decided to take their work seriously. It is definitely proving fruitful, as Wrexham’s striker Ollie Palmer compliments them.

What Wrexham’s Ollie Palmer had to say about Ryan Reynolds and Rob McElhenney

New owners Ryan Reynolds and Rob McElhenney have made an entry into their new team’s good books. The duo has been quite active by using the club’s name for social causes, making docuseries, and keeping up with the players. Wrexham’s team striker who has been in the team for a long gave his thumbs up to the new owners. “I’ve never had owners that are this passionate and this involved with the football club, with the community, and what they’re doing for everyone,” said Palmer. Reynolds not only mingles with the players but also with the football community. 

Palmer spoke with PEOPLE magazine, “I’ve had good owners and bad owners and nasty owners.” The thirty-year-old has so far shared a close personal relationship with Reynolds ever since the latter took over. According to the striker, he has seen Reynolds and McElhenney be passionate about the sport even behind the cameras.

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The player was all praises while appreciating how the American actors are invested in everyone involved in the team. Look like the duo has managed to garner fans beyond Hollywood, and into the deep football culture.

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