Gender of the New Born? Ryan Reynolds Turned Down the Question as He Sat for an Interview With CNBC

Gender of the New Born? Ryan Reynolds Turned Down the Question as He Sat for an Interview With CNBC

How exciting it must be for new parents to welcome their baby into the world! Despite it being their fourth child together, Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively are extremely excited to welcome their newborn into the family. After becoming the father of a fourth child, the Deadpool actor appeared in an interview with CNBC.

Just two days before Valentine’s Day, the Gossip Girl actress posted a picture of herself with her mother and husband without a baby bump. Fans anticipated the arrival of the fourth baby. Meanwhile, the co-owner of Wrexham AFC appeared in an interview with CNBC last month as they announced the Stock Drafts Champions. While talking about his company, Mint Mobile, the interviewer asked him the most-talked question. Before seeing the American-Canadian actor off, the host of the show asked if he could tell them at least the gender of the baby.

“I ain’t tellin’. This ain’t a birth announcement,” said the Red Notice actor. He also said they did not even make a birth announcement, but just posted a photo. Media just picked it on, and they went after it. Clearly, the 46-year-old actor did not like the way the media handled the news of the arrival of their baby.

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Not only Ryan Reynolds but Lively also has been very cautious about the privacy of their little ones.

Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively don’t let anyone invade their privacy

When the 35-year-old actress was still pregnant with her fourth child, she called out the media houses for constantly harassing her for just a picture. The couple rarely post pictures of their babies, let alone bring them to the limelight with them. Lively often talks about how media houses should let them have their privacy. She also appreciated those media houses that have no-child picture policies. They make all the difference, said the actress.

While protecting their children from the glamour, Reynolds also revealed in the CNBC interview his house had become a zoo. He was giving the interview from what appeared to be the kitchen. While the actor gets his house settled, he is also working on his upcoming film, Deadpool 3.

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Are you also excited to know the gender of Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively’s fourth child? Share your thoughts about the film and the power couple in the comment box below.

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