“Gave me opportunity to…” – When Kanye West Revealed How His Nearly-Fatal Accident in 2002 Helped Him Create an Album

“Gave me opportunity to…” – When Kanye West Revealed How His Nearly-Fatal Accident in 2002 Helped Him Create an Album

Kanye West was once in a fatal accident, but it also helped him create an album. The ‘Donda’ singer is known for being a creative genius. From capitalism and politics to intense thoughts, the rapper inculcates it all in his music. Not even a severe accident could stop him from giving out an award-winning album. He proved the same during his rough patch back in 2002.

Not that many may be aware of, but the singer had a near-fatal accident during his early years in the industry. Instead of a break, the artist used his injury for creativity. Years later, he explained the episode and the process of it all.

How Kanye West used his injury to create music

Just a couple of weeks post finalizing a contract with Rock-A-Fella, the artist was returning home from a late work day in California. The artist was maxed out after a hectic day and nearly dozed off, leading to his car’s collision with another one. It left the driver of another car with severe injuries to the legs, while Ye broke his jaw, with multiple open wounds. As per the 2022 Jeen-Yuhs documentary on Netflix, Ye’s mouth had to be wired shut while he was being treated. Coodie Simmons even revealed in the documentary how the ‘Gold Digger’ singer called him to sing the song he had written. Ye began signing it through his sewed mouth, working against doctors’ orders, and named it ‘Through the Wire.’

Ye revealed to Interview magazine in 2014, “The accident gave me the opportunity to do what I really wanted to do.” He described how the entire process had a healing effect and allowed him to bring out his creative self.

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The result of this was his ‘The College Dropout’ album, which completely represented his journey of the unfortunate event. Although it proved to be fruitful for his career in the end.

How the creation of The College Dropout lead to his career success

‘The College Dropout’ remains the prime example of representing Ye’s original music style. The theme, the running Teddybear in glasses, and the vibe of the album gave him the best-selling album of his career. ‘Flashing Lights’ singer grabbed the 2005 Grammy Awards for Best Rap album of the year. He was also nominated for Album of the Year at the event. It consistently made it into the list of top rap albums selling four million copies worldwide. Creation through the tough times proved fruitful for the singer in the end.

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