From Will Smith to Arnold Schwarzenegger, Amazon Prime Has Some Crazy Casting Ideas for ‘The Boys’ if It Was Set In 2000S’

From Will Smith to Arnold Schwarzenegger, Amazon Prime Has Some Crazy Casting Ideas for ‘The Boys’ if It Was Set In 2000S’

The Amazon Prime blockbuster The Boys is one of a kind. The anti-supe cult classic which first aired in 2019 has now successfully carved out a niche of its own with the entire fandom currently waiting for its fourth season to reach screens. However, the show never fails to entertain its audience even if it has not dropped a single episode in the last couple of months. As surprising as it sounds, have you ever imagined Will Smith or Arnold Schwarzenegger in the show? Well, the show has. 

As has been its age-old habit, the official Twitter account of The Boys went on another hypothetical “what if,” giving the audience a glance at the show’s top characters if made in the early 2000s. What cracked up the fans was the not situation but the cast that the show had chosen for the 2000s version of the anti-superhero gore franchise. And we would be lying if we said the cast did not absolutely match the characters on the list. 

While Mother’s Milk was aptly replaced by Dwayne Johnson, who could have played the Flash’s parody, A-train, better than the King Richards Star, Will Smith? With more or less the same physique and build and the classic ebonics, it could not have come better than anyone else. 

What left the fans flabbergasted was the blind suggestion of Arnold Schwarzenegger as the cold-blooded soldier boy in the show. “Throwing a complete wildcard,” read the tweet manifesting Schwarzenegger as the 2000s Soldier Boy. Needless to say, the jacked body with absolute ferocity in the eyes could not have been played better other than Schwarzenegger.

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The Boys cast but make it 2000s with Will Smith and Arnold Schwarzenegger

Throwing wild guesses for other prominent roles in the show, the tweet asked for Gerard Butler, who could have played Billy Butcher. The thick beard and mustache with the on-point dodgy Cockney accent like that of Karl Urban could never go unnoticed. 

The Boys' Cast
Credits: Imago

Not forgetting the most merciless villain of all The Seven, the account had Rob Lowe most suited to play Homelander. One could clearly reason out that it was due to the similarities between the Antony Starr (who plays the role in the show) and Lowe when it came to their blue shiny eyes. 

Did you like the stars chosen for the respective roles? Who among them all do you think would have played better in The Boys, Will Smith or Arnold Schwarzenegger? Let us know in the comments below.

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