Are Our Superheroes-Gone-Rogue Getting as High as the Drug-Crazed Bear? What Is the ‘The Boys’ Hinting at From ‘Cocaine Bear’

Are Our Superheroes-Gone-Rogue Getting as High as the Drug-Crazed Bear? What Is the ‘The Boys’ Hinting at From ‘Cocaine Bear’

Directed by Elizabeth Banks, the comic thriller Cocaine Bear recently hit the theatres just the day before yesterday, on the 24th of February, 2023. The perfect cast leaning into silliness while also keeping respect for the classic horror movie vibes with their retro soundtracks intact has left the audience more than elated. More than the fans, we have got a legitimate cult-classic blockbuster, The Boys franchise celebrating nostalgia of its own. 

The Amazon Prime video classic has got a separate fanbase. Quite contrary to the lesser violence and subdued gore and grotesqueness of the Cocaine Bear, The Boys’ sudden head explosions and blood-curdling aesthetic violence have made it a genre of its own. However upon greater introspection, one can realize there might be certain points where both could tap. 

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Teasing the same in its Twitter handle, the anti-supe cult classic sent all The Boys enthusiasts down the memory line. Sharing a picture of the bear from the movie getting all stoned with cocaine smoke all around, the account gave a flashback to a major Butcher moment from the franchise. The still with the caption, “Go on son, have a bump” with Butcher’s distinguished British accent definitely took the viewers back to season 3’s one of the first episode’s Payback having the grotesque pen*s explosion.

And The Boys even acknowledged the same. For the unversed, one of the corrupted supes, named Termite, has the ability to shrink back to size and grow back to life-like once again. After unleashing a horrific crisis at a crime site, he rushes to execute another. Luckily, having watched the entire catastrophe unfold all over, Billy Butcher comes to the rescue by throwing Termite into a pack of cocaine and shaking his life out of it. 

Is Cocaine Bear a part of The Boys?

Staying true to its comical yet beyond-bloody genre, the series took no time to send the internet to a meme fest with its humorous, yet violent ride from the beginning to the end leaving the fans in stitches. Nonetheless, that was not all.

In a follow-up thread, The Boys made it crystal clear that Cocaine Bear is not a part of the forthcoming season 4. However, they do understand the visible confusion. The internet remained undefeated, though. Little did the fans know that in a parallel universe, this was a crossover they needed.

What do you think of The Boys x Cocaine Bear multiverse if it were to happen? Let us know in the comments below. 

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