Former Fling Catherine Ommanney Says “Prince Harry is free now” That He has Moved to the US

Former Fling Catherine Ommanney Says “Prince Harry is free now” That He has Moved to the US

It has been two whole years since Prince Harry and Meghan Markle gave up their royal duties towards their UK sovereigns. At the dawn of a global pandemic, the Duke and the Duchess of Sussex announced their official withdrawal from the Palace and shifted to the latter’s native in the United States. Ever since 2020, controversies however have come thus far as we enter into 2023. Nevertheless, some well-wishers have also quipped in their own opinions in favor of the couple. 

Various Royal Experts had accused the self-exiled couple of various allegations as soon as they moved out of the Frogmore Cottage. Nonetheless, close acquaintances of the couple are delighted to have them in the democracy. Many of Harry’s close friends and family members who are based in the United States have expressed their support and happiness for the couple. 

Catherine Ommanney has appreciated Prince Harry and Meghan Markle

Eminent personalities have applauded the couple for their bold stance against the Imperial Family. Out of them, one such close friend of Harry’s is Catherine Ommanney. Known as one of the Duke’s former conquests, the Real Housewives alum once shared proximate ties with the Prince. Upon their withdrawal, the actress said, the Prince is “finally free.” In an interview with OK magazine, Ommanney applauded the couple’s step to settle down in the US. 

On Tuesday, the actress took pride in stating that, “Harry had the courage to move to the States.. I think he really needed to do that.” The former reality star had recently made headlines once again for her past relationship with Prince Harry. In another interview with The Sun, she recalled how the duo met at a London Bar through mutual friends. This was allegedly after Ommanney’s separation from her first husband Stephen. 

Nevertheless, this is not the first time American stars have supported the couple. Out of many who welcomed the self-exiled couple with open arms, Stormyz, Snoop Dogg, and Cardi B are a few. In fact, recently, one of the prestigious age-old organizations of America with direct links to the Kennedys, honored the couple with an esteemed award. The Sussexes have breached headlines for receiving the Ripple of Hope Awards, speaking against the Palace’s structural racism, as they call it. 

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What do you think about Ommanney’s comment? Do you think moving to the US was what the Duke needed? 

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