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For ‘Stranger Things’ Actor Sadie Sink, Turning 18 Meant “unlocking so many freedoms”

Stranger Things’ biggest breakout is undoubtedly, Millie Bobby Brown. However, viewers often tend to overlook the other young cast of actors that are equally talented. Sadie Sink, for one, joined the show in its second season. While her character was not the prime focus of the show, she quickly became an integral part of the series.

Eventually, she finally got her due in season 4. The actress delivered a very nuanced performance. Now the future for the rising star looks brighter than ever. The 21-year-old is taking on more projects and doing what she loves to do the most. This reminds us of the time when an 18-year-old Sadie was excited with all the new freedom she tasted after graduating. 

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Sadie Sink was happy to focus and work long hours on set after turning 18

Sadie Sink had guested on the THEOry podcast in 2020 where she chatted about graduating from school with Theo Rossi.  The actress disclosed that she waited for this moment to arrive for a long time. Graduating from school is a big deal and a major change even for young stars. Sadie explained that it was hectic shuffling between lessons, school, and work. Since her classes had stopped, she could now focus on her work on set and not worry about the school hours after shooting. 

For child actors, there is a time restriction. They cannot work longer than 10 hours or so, which was a bummer for the then-teenager. She was over the moon that she had the freedom to add more hours to set if she wanted to. “Like when you are a child actor, like the day you turn 18 you unlock so many freedoms,” she said.

At 20, the actress is currently at her peak having starred in Taylor Swift’s All Too Well short film alongside Dylan O’Brien and is part of the Reynolds posse. She will be seen later this year in Darren Aronofsky’s The Whale. She will star alongside Branden Fraser. Apart from the A24 film, she also has a heart-wrenching tale about a young girl reconnecting with her biological dad, Dear Zoe in the pipeline. 

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What do you think about Sadie’s take on turning 18? Do you agree with her?

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