Sadie Sink, Taylor Swift, Ryan Reynolds, and Blake Lively Once Gave Family Vibes, Fans Went Gaga Over the Quartet

Sadie Sink, Taylor Swift, Ryan Reynolds, and Blake Lively Once Gave Family Vibes, Fans Went Gaga Over the Quartet

Everybody knows about the deep-rooted friendship of Taylor Swift, Ryan Reynolds, and Blake Lively. The 31-year-old artist and Lively got to know one another in 2015 when Lively posted a picture from a L’Oréal advertisement with a cheeky message alluding to Swift’s star-studded Bad Blood music video. Eventually, the two got together in Australia for a memorable day out, and the rest, as they say, is history. And not just that, Taylor is good friends with Stranger Things star Sadie Sink too. And once, all four of them were spotted together.

Sadie has featured in a music video with Dylan O’Brien in Taylor’s version of All Too Well, released in 2021. But what were the four of them doing together? Are they working on a project or was this just a casual meetup?

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Sadie Sink joins the group

One thing is certain: Taylor Swift, Ryan Reynolds, Blake Lively, and Sadie Sink did not meet for a project, as they were seen leaving a Saturday Night Live event. In fact, they were going to an after-party after the event. They even took a photograph with SNL’s Bowen Yang. Reynolds was happy to volunteer to be the photographer when the time came to take the picture.

The meet up was certainly the highlight, but fans went going gaga over the pictures of Ryan, Blake, Taylor, and Sadie for another reason. They were of the opinion that the four stars looked every bit like a family, with each looking out for the other as while walking past the paparazzi.


Well, fans are not completely wrong! All of them do look like a family. As a matter of fact, Taylor and the Reynolds family are so close that the singer has written a song with the names of all three daughters of Ryan and Blake in it. The song is called “Betty”, and it includes the names James, Inez, and Betty. Surprisingly, this song came before the birth of Betty, which leads to the fact that Taylor already knew what the name was going to be.

Watching them have such tight-knit relationships feels good. Now that Ryan and Blake are expecting their fourth child, let us hope Taylor reveals its name in her next release. Meanwhile, catch Sadie Sink in action in Stranger Things, streaming on Netflix.

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