“…For our community and our history” – Initial Reviews of Will Smith’s ‘Emancipation’ Reflect Power and Hope

“…For our community and our history” – Initial Reviews of Will Smith’s ‘Emancipation’ Reflect Power and Hope

Almost eight months have passed since the infamous Oscar incident between Chris Rock and Will Smith took place. Since the unfortunate night of March 27th, it feels like the world has not moved. Every other day we are getting new updates about the strained Chris and Will relationship. However, it finally feels like we will be talking about the King Richard actor about something apart from the slap.

Recently Apple hosted a special screening of their new film Emancipation, which stars Will Smith in the lead role. And initial reviews of the film have instantly put Will into an Oscar run once again.

Will Smith received immense praise for his new film Emancipation

Will Smith’s first feature picture since winning the Academy Award and slamming Chris Rock is already making ripples. During the Congressional Black Caucus Foundation’s 51st Annual Legislative Conference this weekend, Apple held a special screening of filmmaker Antoine Fuqua’s new film Emancipation with the NAACP.

Smith plays Peter, an enslaved man who flees Louisiana in pursuit of his family and ends up joining the Union Army. The film and Smith were met with enthusiasm, with NAACP President and CEO Derrick Johnson praising them by saying, I had the pleasure of watching the film #Emancipation and can’t begin to tell how powerful this is for OUR community and OUR history.”

According to Entertainment Weekly, Smith engaged in a dialogue with Fuqua and Mary Elliott, curator of American Slavery at the Smithsonian National Museum of African American History and Culture, following the screening, which was screened to an audience of social impact leaders.

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During the discussion, Will states that he had turned down several slavery films in his career. But the reason Will chose to do this film was that it is not just about slavery. “This is a film about freedom,” the actor said.

If Emancipation generates any Oscars 2023 attention, Smith will be barred from attending the ceremony. Following the event, the actor was barred from participating in or attending any award ceremony linked with The Academy for ten years.

What do you guys think about the film’s new teaser? Let us know your answers in the comments below.

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