Following Her ‘Hotter than Hell X Only Fans’ Collaboration, Iggy Azalea Makes $300K in Last 24 hours on The Platform

Following Her ‘Hotter than Hell X Only Fans’ Collaboration, Iggy Azalea Makes $300K in Last 24 hours on The Platform

The Australian Rapper, Iggy Azalea recently teased some new content for her upcoming multimedia project. What thrilled the internet was the fact that the forthcoming music album will only be available to followers on Only Fans. In light of the suspicious album, the star joined the popular platform to raise the temperature higher than ever. In fact, her hotter than hell album promotion is already serving the purpose of the rapper on the adult app. 

The collaboration which is supposedly going to “surprise a lot of people” has begun catching the public eye as Azalea is already making a fortune out of it overnight. Latest updates on the music album which is exclusively available on OnlyFans have stated how the bucks are already pouring for the star. The number of subscriptions spiked to an all-time high for the Rapper as she managed to fetch a lot of attention to her ‘unapologetically hot uncensored content‘. 

Iggy Azalea makes a fortune in just 24 hours of profile launch 

RapTV recently took to its Instagram handle to break a piece of shocking news to the fans. Iggy Azalea has already made a lump sum of $307K in the past 24 hours on the Only Fans platform. This was apparently her first raunchy 24 hours that fetched him a significant amount of cash flowing to her account. In her live stream, she showed off her “eye-popping” curves and some more illicit content that is only restricted to the subscription-based adult platform. 

The Ian Woods X Iggy Azalea collaboration has already sent pulses racing with its latest glimpses on YouTube.  The cover image of the video segment showed off the Fancy Hitmaker in green lacey lingerie. Fans willing to get access to her exclusive content will have to subscribe to her profile at a monthly rate of $25. The multimedia creative project will come to an end in December of 2023. 

The star has reportedly drawn her inspiration from Madonna’s s*x book for the bold and fun project. Her latest visual representing her album was a picture of the star sticking out her tongue to a cherry in a nude pose with heels. The above was declared publicly by the star in her latest Tweet that teased the upcoming project with a poll reaction of the fans. 

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Will you be joining the platform soon to get a first-hand experience of Azalea’s exclusive content? Let us know in the comments below. 

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