OnlyFans- Iggy Azalea Joins the Likes of Cardi B, Upgrading Her Content X-step Further

OnlyFans- Iggy Azalea Joins the Likes of Cardi B, Upgrading Her Content X-step Further

The 32-year-old Aussie-born rapper, Iggy Azalea, is getting “unapologetically hot.” At the young age of 16, the Two Times singer moved to the States to pursue a career in music, and in her 20s, she was thriving. Azalea hit the jackpot with her debut studio album, ‘The New Classic,’ which followed her chart-topping single ‘Fancy.’ Soon after, she collaborated with Ariana Grande to create 2014’s ‘Problem’ which peaked at number two on U.S. Billboard’s top 100, and now she is following the footsteps of Cardi B for her latest album.

Azalea became the second musical act after the Beatles when both her singles made it to the chart back to back. And since then, she has not stopped. Fast forwarding to the present time, three studio albums later and a few controversial setbacks, the Australia-born artist is now creating anticipation for her fourth album, ‘Hotter Than Hell,’ as she has always done in the past. But this time around, Azalea is getting XXXtraa. She intends to spice things up by collaborating with OnlyFans for her upcoming album.

Iggy Azalea lands on OnlyFans with her fourth album

With her Hotter Than Hell X OnlyFans collaboration, the ‘End of an Era’ singer apparently earmarked the era of art free of any restrictions whatsoever. According to Variety, Azalea feels “excited about not having to worry about the overwhelming and creatively limiting censorship artists have to navigate when sharing work on other digital platforms.” The project will include poetry, photography, music, video, illustration, and her fourth studio album, according to a press statement about it. Oh, and a few extra treats that you can only peek at for a $25 OnlyFans subscription fee.

The rapper also admitted that she earlier had a wholly different conception of OnlyFans. But now, as Azalea looks beyond the “surface-level chatter,” she is more than excited to provide an exclusive X-rated concept and finds the platform best suited for it. Parts of ‘Hotter Than Hell’ will be notably unveiled on her uncensored account throughout the year and fans will get an all-inclusive look at it in the form of a coffee-table book. Well, we now know what Iggy Azalea meant when she teased some scandalous sh*t awaits us.

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