“Fiction that feels real”: ‘Hustle’ First Reviews Are In, Adam Sandler Steps Out As A Downtrodden Scout In The Netflix Basketball Drama

“Fiction that feels real”: ‘Hustle’ First Reviews Are In, Adam Sandler Steps Out As A Downtrodden Scout In The Netflix Basketball Drama

Talented American movie star Adam Sandler is once more going to stun viewers with his authentic role in the upcoming Netflix sports drama Hustle. After majoring as a charismatic jeweler in the 2019 Uncut Games, this is the second movie that is going to be a big score for Sandler’s dynamite acting. Given the trailer, we can say there is something sensational coming up through Sandler’s character as Stanley Sugarman. 

Adam Sandler bridged fire on the Basketball court with Netflix’s movie Hustle

The plot of NBA Basketball features Sandler as an international scout and several real basketball personalities in the movie. With a realistic touch, we are going to see Sandler in more of a mature image.  As he is seen dredging in cities and traveling to different countries to find the next NBA star. Viewers are appreciating the character of Sugarman who is diligent to find something worthwhile as he loves basketball. For instance, The Guardian called Hustle “a glossy piece” that will bring entertainment to NBA fans as many legendary players are seen in the movie.

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Fan reviews for Netflix movie Hustle

Variety called the movie “a heart-in-the-throat basketball drama” which according to them is bringing a kindred representation of the NBA. Sugarman finds a young boy named Bo Cruz with no professional basketball training. But he has the faith that ‘Bo’ can be a glorious NBA superstar in the future and takes the risk to bring him into the game. However, the movie is fiction yet it feels truly drawn to real-life basketball where we see Sandler as a reformed actor. 

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Also, The Hollywood Reporter posted about the movie saying that it is a “love letter to the sport”. Sandler, playing as a mentor to basketball players, continuously looks around for new talent.  Sugarman’s ambitious search makes him go around the world and he is unable to meet his family as he says: 

“I haven’t been home on my daughter’s birthday for nine years running,” 

Hence, the movie proved to be an inspirational story of coach and trainee relationships that is both comical and motivating. In addition, with 100% on Rotten Tomatoes, the movie has unparalleled reviews and seemed to have committed results after release. 

Hustle will be available to stream on June 8, 2022, only on your favorite showplace, Netflix. 

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