Fat Joe Goes to Jada Pinkett’s Red Table to Reveal How He Advised Kanye West Over His Recent Controversies

Fat Joe Goes to Jada Pinkett’s Red Table to Reveal How He Advised Kanye West Over His Recent Controversies

Kanye West once kept Fat Joe up all night. The All the Way Up singer is one of the first and most successful Latino rappers in the music industry. He rose to fame during the 90s and is active as a musician to this day. Having worked with other rappers of the time, he has seen the ups and lows of each, including himself.

Fat Joe whose real name is Joseph Antonio Cartagena went on Jada Smith’s Red Table Talk Show recently. During this he talked about his time in jail, thoughts on Kanye West, and the surprise meeting with him. Here are the revelations made to him.

What did Fat Joe say to Jada Smith about Kanye West?

Kanye West once featured in Fat Joe’s song video Pride N Joy. This was at least a decade ago. Now, the Latino rapper joined Jada Smith, her mother Adrienne Smith, and Willow Smith on an episode of Red Table Talk, while talking about his new memoir The Book of Jose: Memoir. He talked about bumping up to Kanye West in a surprise and what they talked about the next hour.

As per the rapper, he advised West saying, “Bro, you gotta snap out of this, man. You gotta get focused and look to God ’cause God is the answer. God is the key. Whatever you gotta do.” The What’s Luv singer is well aware of Kanye West’s faith in religion and God and wants him to make amends.

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Especially since Ye’s anti-semitic comments, and how it has offended so many people. The Lean Back singer just wants West to spend the rest of his life in peace, without hurting anyone. Fat Joe also agreed to have a sleepless night before bumping into the Famous singer. The reason for his sleeplessness was seeing offensive comments and actions of West, and how he had not stopped despite criticism.

Ye is facing backlash through bans now. With several other rappers expressing concern over Kanye West. What did you think of Fat Joe’s advice to Kanye West? Put your thoughts in the comments.

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