Fans Shares Wild Theories About Will Byers’ Potential Empowerment in ‘Stranger Things’ Season 5

Fans Shares Wild Theories About Will Byers’ Potential Empowerment in ‘Stranger Things’ Season 5

With the Netflix phenomenon reaching the very edge of its end, fans are getting eager every passing day. The life of all beloved characters is at stake as the plague bringer of Hawkins has shattered the wall of Upside Down. Meanwhile, viewers are constantly raving about what Stranger Things season 5 will bring for Will Byers. He is the only one who can feel Vecna’s presence and the ending of the fourth season showed that his tingling is back. And some of the eagle-eyed fans have noticed this connection between Byers and the disfigured monster, saying that this might be the way of his empowerment in the culminating season.

We all know that Will Byers was the first victim of the supernatural world that lived inside Hawkins. Somehow, his suffering in that plane bounded him to Henry Creel and his puppets. Looking ahead to his contribution to the storyline, fans have created some theories about him being the final key to this chaos.

Twitter is flooded with ideas and speculations that depict William as the central figure of Stranger Things 5. In a new post shared by a fan showed the concept of Byers gaining superpowers and fighting against the monsters. “Apocalyptic will byers is real. HES REAL!!! HES GONNA HAVE A GUN,” read the caption.

Moreover, a fan page incarnated him as a telekinetic kid with a bleeding nose and called him “the last victim.

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“Every day I remember s1 will and his mini porthole gate. how did you do that will byers how did you do that,” another wondered as he posted a picture of Joyce seeing him through the wall.

Noah Schnapp teased the perfect ending of Stranger Things Season 5

About two months ago, Noah Schnapp sat down with Forbes to promote his brand TBH. During the conversation, the young star also gave fans a sneak peek at the finale in his forever style. The 18-year-old stated that he is very excited about the things that will take place in season 5. “I think they did a great job with Will’s character this season, and beautifully addressed everything they needed to,” explained the NYC native.

Moving forward, he hinted at the biggest turn of events in the show, saying everything ends the way it begins. Therefore, this fight will end with William Byers, who was the first victim of Upside Down. Although there is no such confirmation of what turn the story will take in the last season. The writing team has kept every detail under wraps unless Noah Schnapp wishes to spill something again.

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Would you like to see Will Byers let go of the scared kid that he has been hiding for years in Stranger Things Season 5? Share your ideas and opinions with us in the comment section!

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