A New Stranger Things Project? Brand New Teaser Leaves People Guessing, as Fresh Mysteries Come to Life

A New Stranger Things Project? Brand New Teaser Leaves People Guessing, as Fresh Mysteries Come to Life

For a long time, fans have been speculating about the projects Duffer Brothers will bring on-screen to keep them engaged with Upside Down. Since the highly acclaimed show Stranger Things will say goodbye to the audience after its final season sometime in 2024, the creators promised fans a whole new world of mysteries in the same supernatural universe. So people won’t have to bid farewell to these amazing characters and stories. Now, it looks like they are finally getting into the action as a brand new trailer on the internet teases something fresh coming up soon.

The official Stranger Things writing team Twitter account recently shared a video. The clip revealed that a new story is coming up based on the sci-fi drama and will be a stage adaptation. Although the video did not unveil any specific details about this mysterious project, we learned that Sonia Friedman Productions is taking this forward.

This is the same theater company that joined hands with Netflix to create the fan-favorite horror drama. The caption had announced that this stage show will arrive at 11 AM on Wednesday 1 March.

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Not to forget, the graphic of Coming Soon that showed a “1” and two “0” digits inside the words intrigued fans. Now they are going crazy asking questions in the comment section about this show.

Fans are losing minds over the new Stranger Things story 

Following the break of this news on Twitter, fans are curious, wishing to know more about the new plans for this famous franchise.

The first fan asked the writing team, “will this be part of the canon material?” 

“wait does this mean it will be on netflix tomorrow or a trailer for it?,” questioned second user.

While an eagle eyed fan quickly noticed that Jamie Campbell Bower has liked the post and shared a screenshot with caption “the fact Jamie liked the video omf it is abt Henry 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭.”

“Ooo this is exciting!! Can we also get ST back in Dead By Daylight?? 😩😭 pleaded another.

Meanwhile, if you want to get more updates about this upcoming new story you can follow the Twitter account Stranger Things On Stage. And don’t forget to share your excitement with us in the comment section.

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