Fans Go Gaga Over Penn Badgley as His Joe Goldberg Returns in ‘You’ Season 4 on Netflix

Fans Go Gaga Over Penn Badgley as His Joe Goldberg Returns in ‘You’ Season 4 on Netflix

You, starring Penn Badgley in the role of a young obsessive man, Joe Goldberg, has finally returned to Netflix. New episodes of season 4 of the superhit psychological thriller series dropped on the platform a few hours ago. The highly anticipated season is divided into two parts, with 5 episodes already streaming, whereas the second part is set to release on 9th March. And with just five episodes, Badgley has driven fans crazy with his presence.

This time, the fan-favorite series killer has a new target to follow that will eventually lead to brutal acts of violence, like always. After the shocking ending of season 3, viewers now find Joe living in London as a university professor. Fans, who were eagerly waiting for the release, have binge-watched the first part, while they are swooning over Badgley after seeing his pretentious murderer in the series.

The return of Penn Badgley in You season 4 leave fans crazy

The Twitter hype is back in force as Netflix released the first part of You season 4 today. The lead character Joe Goldberg has once again returned to fans but with a new name, new city, and new obsession. Surprisingly, in this season, Penn Badgley is not targeting women like previous seasons tells Collider in its review.

Instead, he is chasing the mysterious killer who has killed members of the Oxford circle of wealthy snobs. Meanwhile, fans have declared 9 February as happy Joe Goldberg day after the actor brought a fresh chapter to this storyline. They are endlessly talking about his killing style and how he always find good apartments and women.

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One fan rejoiced at Joe’s return posted on Twitter, Ahhhh Joe Goldberg good to see that you haven’t changed at all 😂. #YouNetflix.”

“Not them not noticing that Joe is stalking them even though he in broad daylight like: #YouSeason4 #YouNetflix,” stated a second fan. 

“No love, no people. Just book”. Joe, my man, I get you #YouSeason4,” remarked a third fan. 

“The killer relieved that Joe took care of the body for them: #YouSeason4 #YouNetflix,” commented fourth user. 

Another added: “the chances of you being stalked by that man go up by like 500 percent if you don’t BUY CURTAINS 🗣🗣 #YOUSEASON4.” 

Have you watched the season 4 of You? If not, go and stream it right away on Netflix and don’t forget to tell us your views about it.

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