Fans Look Past ‘Berlin’ ‘Money Heist’ Spinoff, as They Bombard Netflix With Canceled Shows Demanding Renewal

Fans Look Past ‘Berlin’ ‘Money Heist’ Spinoff, as They Bombard Netflix With Canceled Shows Demanding Renewal

When Netflix launched the Spanish drama Money Heist, the world didn’t know that they were welcoming the biggest crime phenomenon into their lives. It instantly turned into a flagship original that racked up 167 million subscribers in over 190 countries. This escapist fantasy, also known as La Casa de Papel, aired for the last time on the platform in December 2021. Now the streaming giant has announced the arrival of the new spin-off series Berlin.

Based on the fan-favorite character Andrés de Fonollosa, the show will release on the streamer in December 2023. Pedro Alonso, who previously portrayed the terminally ill grand larcenist, will now take lead in the show. However, fans who have waited long for the return of this staggering world of crime do not seem intrigued by the spinoff. They are bombarding Netflix with canceled shows demanding renewal in comments.

Netflix officially unveiled the first look of the Money Heist spinoff Berlin

In a new video released by the streamer on Twitter, they shared a glimpse of Money Heist spinoff Berlin. Netflix gave us the first tease of how the show will focus on the glorious days of the character. The clip shows the Jewel thief creating a miniature for his next heist while hinting at his love life.

Following the success of the highly anticipated crime thriller, they thought of bringing another amazing story. But it seems even the return of a beloved character might not balm the wounds that Netflix has previously given to viewers. We all know that the streaming platform has canceled several shows, including 1899 and Uncoupled. So fans are enraged about why they are bringing new shows when they trashed their favorites.

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Reacting to the announcement of Berlin, subscribers are demanding the renewal of canceled shows. One fan commented: Aah, just what we wanted. Even more spin-offs. How about renewing shows we love #Save1899 #1899Netflix.” 

“And unless they bring in enough ‘new’ people, you’ll cancel that one after just 1-2 seasons too. It’s never been about the views, but the amount of new viewers. Acquisition based vs retention based. And with a recession coming,” remarked the second fan.

Another angry fan stated: “Don’t care. Bring back Warrior Nun NETFLIX BRING BACK OCS #SaveWarriorNun #WarriorNun.” 

Are you excited about the return of this blockbuster franchise? Let us know your views in the comments below.

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