Fans Give The Most Hilarious Explanations For The Umbrella Academy, Following A Simple Inquiry By A Viewer

Fans Give The Most Hilarious Explanations For The Umbrella Academy, Following A Simple Inquiry By A Viewer

An adaptation of Dark Horse Comics The Umbrella Academy is the top-ranked show on Netflix since 2019. Viewers instantly became enamored by the eccentric plotline of this superhero drama set in the late 1900s. With three mind-blowing seasons, fans have got the chance to travel into different timelines with characters. Following the never-ending circle of an apocalypse in every season, the Hargreeves siblings faced several enemies protecting each other.

The show received a watch time of 45 million households in the first month of its release in season 1. And the phenomenal acting of the cast member has earned six Emmy nominations. Also, the brilliantly conceived idea of imminent doomsday has made it one of the most highly recommended shows on Netflix. 

Redditors have a super funny interpretation of The Umbrella Academy 

The family of adopted Hargreeves siblings with superhuman abilities have been tirelessly trying to save the world from an inevitable holocaust. At the end of every season, they fail to do so and move to a different timeline so they could try to win again. Although their own family member Viktor who has chaotic powers becomes one of the factors that led to the ending of the world. 

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Meanwhile, apart from what storyline creators have depicted, fans shared their interpretations of the show that might be the funniest breakdown ever. A Reddit user recently dropped a question about the Umbrella Academy series that allowed fans to narrate the story of estranged siblings with a personal touch. The post stated: 

“Can someone please explain just, like, the plot to me I suppose? Please I’m very lost.”

The user was curious to know about the storyline of the show that he hasn’t watched. Whereas fans who have already known the plot jumped in to describe the story in their style. And the whole comment session turned hilarious.

Let’s see where this thread of comments led fans on Reddit

The first comment read that the series is about some mental siblings who want to save the world they ruined themselves.

Another fan remarked about the chaotic relationships between Hargreeves and how the lost kid Number 5 suddenly came back from the future. To alert his family that the world is about to end in 7 days as he can time travel and was stuck in that wasteland for about 45 years.

Whereas some fans called Sir Reginald an extraterrestrial creature who adopts some weird babies to save the world.

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Also, a truly touched fan sat down to give a detailed account of season 1. From the first meeting of the siblings to Vanya meeting Leonard.

Do you know how tragically this season has ended? If not you can stream all the seasons of The Umbrella Academy only on Netflix.


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