How Euphoria Affected The Umbrella Academy Season 3 In The Oddest Fashion Possible

How Euphoria Affected The Umbrella Academy Season 3 In The Oddest Fashion Possible

Netflix’s most popular show, The Umbrella Academy, has a way to present itself with new mysterious and catastrophic plotlines every new season. The show came up with seven new superheroes from the count of 43 kids born inexplicably in the year 1989. As Sir Reginald adopted these kids in an alternative timeline because he found them more disciplined than his other kids.

Besides Marcus, Ben, Fei, Alphonso, Sloane, Jayme, and Christopher, we also saw a 12-year-old that Lila leaves with Diego. And viewers instantly identify him from the previous role of Ashtray he played in the famous teen drama Euphoria. Let’s see how Javon’s “Wanna” intervention from Euphoria to this show impacted the screentime of Stanley season 3.

Javon Walton’s mixed shooting times led to a visual change in The Umbrella Academy season 3 

Javon was already a cast member of Euphoria when he signed up for a new role in Umbrella Academy’s new season. The creators started filming season 3 in February 2021 when Euphoria’s season 2 was under production. Because of the effects of the pandemic, Euphoria rescheduled their shooting, resuming it in the first quarter of 2021. So this sudden halt in the production led to a timing clash and Javon had to leave for filming Euphoria season 2 in between. 

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In a recent tweet made by Umbrella Academy on Twitter, they revealed an unnoticed fact overlooked in season 3. The post read: “FUN FACT: Javon shot some of his scenes early on in production and then went to film Euphoria before coming back to shoot the rest.” They added to the caption that between the simultaneous shootings of Euphoria and Umbrella Academy he grew up which is visible in a scene. 

Moreover, in the third episode ‘Pockets Full of Lightning’ when in one scene Stan is playing with a stick and smashes a vase. Whereas after a few minutes he comes out from Obsidian with Diego he looks more mature and physically grown. Many viewers forget to notice this change when Diego gives him money to take a round of the city.

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Thus, the boy has outgrown his boots during the rushed timings of the shoot. Go watch Javon Walton and don’t forget to drop your comments about how you liked his character. 

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