Fans Enraged as Jimmy Fallon Makes a Major Blunder While Talking About Ken Doll Ryan Gosling on ‘The Tonight Show’

Fans Enraged as Jimmy Fallon Makes a Major Blunder While Talking About Ken Doll Ryan Gosling on ‘The Tonight Show’

The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon is one of the most entertaining TV shows. Jimmy Fallon is one of the few interviewers who can bring out the fun side of any celebrity. Recently, The White Lotus star, Aubrey Plaza, appeared on the show. While talking about many things, Jimmy Fallon made her choose one between Deadpool actor, Ryan Reynolds and the Barbie star Ryan Gosling. However, while describing both actors, Fallon made a major blunder that fans noticed.

Jimmy Fallon has been doing these interviews since 2014. He invites popular personalities to provide insights into their personal and professional lives. Although Gosling and Reynolds have appeared on the talk show, this time the host made a huge mistake while playing a game with the American actress.

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Ryan Gosling or Ryan Reynolds? Jimmy Fallon forgot a major detail about the Barbie actor

Although it is a known fact that Canadians are extremely nice people. But after knowing this mistake of the host of the show, The Gray Man star might bring out his action hero side to hit Jimmy up. Well, as Plaza was the guest on the show, as per his tradition, Fallon made her play the game of choosing between this or that. Amidst other options, Plaza had to choose between Ryan Reynolds and Ryan Gosling.

Now, everyone is aware of the fact that both actors are Canadians. However, while talking about them before revealing the results, Jimmy Fallon forgot to mention Gosling was also Canadian. Although, because of their similar names, the question of whether they are brothers also arises. However, they are not. But their motherland is definitely similar. Fans noticed this mistake and called out the host of the show. They aggressively acknowledged the forgotten fact here.

While some fans acknowledged the error, this user talked about how he loved the show.

However, while it is an important fact to notice, this user couldn’t believe Plaza chose Gosling over Reynolds.

Well, although everyone knows both Deadpool and Barbie actors are Canadians, fans didn’t like that Jimmy Fallon forgot to mention this regarding the La La Land actor. Well, now that fans pointed it out, Jimmy Fallon wouldn’t forget it.

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Although everyone is waiting for Deadpool 3 and Barbie, the actors’ upcoming projects, to land on the big screens, tell us who your favorite Canadian actor between these two is? Also, you can stream the full game, Guest Test with Aubrey Plaza here on YouTube.

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