Fans Dub Will Smith and His Family As ‘Rogue Villains’ of Batman

Fans Dub Will Smith and His Family As ‘Rogue Villains’ of Batman

The Smiths are not just a family, but a brand. Every member of the family is known for their own individuality. Although lately, the family has not been in the best light since the Oscar debacle. Not only did Will Smith come under criticism, but so did Jada Smith for the events that took place on the night of the Academy Awards 2022.

Despite it all, the very open and liberal family is known for their own unique and modern style. The Smith family is often seen together for Hollywood events. The A list family was recently clicked at an event, as they posed in their stylish outfits. But fans had some funny reactions to the photo, calling them a rogue family.

Fans make hilarious comparisons of the Smith family to Batman villains

The Smiths may be known for their futuristic fashion, but sometimes that fashion may be interpreted in interesting ways. A Reddit user posted a photo of the Smith family from the Emancipation premiere day.

Will Smith’s family looking like a rogues’ gallery of Batman villains from funny

Jada wore a fancy white dress, and Willow Smith wore a black pant and crop jacket. Jaden Smith was styled in a loose black and white suit, while the Emancipation actor and their son, Trey Smith, had a maroon suits. While they were all smiles posing for the camera, some fans could not help but compare them to the rogues from the villains of Batman.

Comments actually reminded how both Jada Smith and Will Smith have played villains before. While Mrs. Smith played on the bad side as Fish Mooney in Gotham series, where Batman is the savior. She was considered a powerful member of the Carmine Falcone’s gang. On the other hand, the Men in Black actor also famously played the antagonist Deadshot in Suicide Squad.

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Deadshot is a very skilled and well-known hitman who never misses a mark. The supervillain made one of the main character in Gotham, who was arrested in the Batcave. Although the actor never returned to play that character again, it comes as a coincidence how the couple that played villains in the DC world against Batman.

What do you think of the comments about the family looking like Batman villains? Comments your thoughts.

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