Did ‘Justice League’ join ‘Suicide Squad’ in UK in 2016?

Did ‘Justice League’ join ‘Suicide Squad’ in UK in 2016?

2016 was a hell of a year for the comic book fandom. The year saw very popular superhero film releases such as Batman vs. Superman: Dawn Of Justice, Deadpool, and Captain America: Civil war. Furthermore, it was also the year when DC’s much-anticipated project Suicide Squad made its way to our screens. Soon after its release the film received immense popularity and was a success for the DC Extended Universe. However, another interesting thing happened whilst the screening of Suicide Squad in the United Kingdom in 2016.

Over the years, we have seen various actors and actresses attend different film screenings. And the same happened in the United Kingdom during the screening of Suicide Squad where the audience saw a bunch of celebrities from another very popular film from the DC fandom. But who all were a part of the screening event? Let us find out.

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Throwback to when Suicide Squad met the cast of Justice League

Back in 2016, the fans saw one of the most iconic crossovers in the history of DC fandom. Extending their support to their fellow DC mates, the cast of Justice League including Henry Cavill, Zack Snyder, Jason Momoa, Ezra Miller, and Ben Affleck attended the screening event in the United Kingdom. The Justice League crew were surprise guests at the film’s gala screening. Along with them were thousands of fans gathering to catch a glimpse of their favorite superheroes.

In the crowd also was the Russian model Xenia Tchoumi. The event was highly entertaining with Jai Courtney giving Momoa a huge bear hug. However, what stole everyone’s attention was Jared Leto’s outfit. Leto’s outfit made him look doppelgänger to his character in the Suicide Squad a.k.a. Joker. One of the most wholesome moments was when The Flash actress Ezra Miller gatecrashed the Suicide Squad cast’s picture including Will Smith and Harley Quinn a.k.a. Margot Robbie.

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English model Cara Delevingne wore an all-black dress for the screening. Along with Zack Snyder was his wife Deborah, also the executive producer of Suicide Squad.

What was your favorite moment from the Suicide Squad screening? Do let us know in the comments below.

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