Fans “don’t trust them (Netflix) with a franchise” for This Weird but Understandable Reason

Fans “don’t trust them (Netflix) with a franchise” for This Weird but Understandable Reason

Netflix has changed the perception of the viewers for the past many years. Especially during pandemics, Netflix has been a savior for several people. But now that it has changed some policies, it’s losing the faith of the subscribers. Now that Netflix wants its own franchise, the viewers are a little skeptical about it. The reason is weird but understandable. Let us find out more about it.

Netflix wants to create THIS franchise but fans are skeptical!

As the viewers know, Netflix is determined to expand its reach in various genres. Now, Netflix wants to create its own franchise like ‘Star Wars’ and ‘Harry Potter like movies and shows. Netflix has expressed its will, but it seems difficult as the major loss in subscribers has decreased the popularity of the streaming giant.

Some current partners at the streaming giant have requested anonymity to protect their ongoing business relationships. It also frustrated them to see the lack of collaboration between the film and the TV groups. A studio executive said, “It feels as if you have to fight your way into building a franchise there.” Netflix is trying to build a franchise that would have its own identity. They promise to be working very hard. And also say, “Netflix is a very young organization, those walls just never had time to be built.”

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Now that the fans got the news, they are skeptical about Netflix’s intentions. They have lost faith as Netflix keeps on canceling the popular shows and doesn’t even renew their own original shows. This is how a viewer expressed her dissatisfaction.

This user wants this show back as Netflix canceled it.

The doubtful attitude is clearly visible in this tweet.

A franchise is not something that one plans. Says this viewer and tries to make a point.

This user has some suggestions as well for the streaming giant.

This viewer says that Netflix doesn’t care about connectivity. It only wants money and wants to get its subscribers back.

With the recent releases, one user says that it cannot even do Resident Evil right.

The fans’ reactions are harsh and very doubtful. But what is your view of this hopefully potential situation? Do you think Netflix would be successful in this endeavor?

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