Fans Demand Miley Cyrus Back in the Industry as Netflix Streams Her Decade Old Romcom

Fans Demand Miley Cyrus Back in the Industry as Netflix Streams Her Decade Old Romcom

She is an artist who can sing pop, country pop, hip hop, experimental and rock because of her distinctive voice quality. She has acted in several movies as well. This multi-talented artist is none other than Miley Cyrus. Netflix is streaming this decade-old movie of her, and her fans want her back in the industry. Do you know this movie of hers?

Nostalgic fans want Miley Cyrus back in movies

In the modern and technologically advanced world, Netflix takes us on a nostalgic trip. This movie that Miley Cyrus starred in, LOL (2012), is now streaming on Netflix. The movie is an adaptation of a French movie LOL (Laughing Out Loud). Miley plays the lead character named Lola, a troublesome teenage girl who learns to deal with the difficulties of life, relationships, misunderstandings, friendships, and her single mother. It shocked her mother to the core when she learns about ola’s lifestyle.

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Recently, Netflix officially announced on their Twitter that LOL is now streaming on the platform, and fans are going crazy.

After watching this post, Miley’s fans want her back in the industry. However, when the movie came out, it received mixed responses from viewers. Critics even said that the movie doesn’t have a plot. In contrast, others said that it is glossy but a hollow adaptation of the original one. But Miley’s fans are faithful to her and liked the movie.

This is how fans reacted to the announcement

The movie got a 4.3/10 rating from IMDb, 14% from Rotten Tomatoes and 2.5/5 from Letterboxd. Yet, Miley’s fans have expressed their feelings and demanded that she should come back to the industry.

A fan said that this is what she’s been saying.

Fans also shared their favorite moments from the movie. One such is Kyle and Lola’s romance. They love it.

Another one shared a heartbreaking scene from the movie and expressed love for Miley and the rom-com.

Some Stranger Things fans went to a length and expressed their wishes to include Miley in the show. Their creativity and imagination power is revealed thus:

As we all know that music plays an important role in the success of Netflix Original Stranger Things, this viewer said that her specific music can destroy Vecna.

Miley Cyrus’ fans are so excited to see her on-screen and slip into these feelings of nostalgia. What do you think about it? Have you watched the movie? Share your reviews and thoughts with us in the comment box below.

Watch Here: LOL (2012)

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