Fans Debate Zack Snyder Bringing His DC Universe to Netflix, Still Not Ready to Give Up on Dreams

Fans Debate Zack Snyder Bringing His DC Universe to Netflix, Still Not Ready to Give Up on Dreams

As much as it is important to have the perfect cast for a movie, it’s equally important to have a director that has a clear vision. And for the producers to agree with the director’s vision. But sometimes, it still does not work out which was the case with Zack Snyder and DC. 

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The man behind Henry Cavill’s Man of Steel played an equally important role as Cavill in establishing the DCEU. The movie was a great success and was regarded as a DC equivalent to Marvel’s Iron Man. But while Marvel had a solid plan to work out the MCU, DC faltered. Now with Henry Cavill’s exit from the DC fold, it seems like the end of SnyderVerse however fans are still not ready to let go.

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Fans want Zack Snyder to move his SnyderVerse to Netflix 

With the current turmoil that is going on at the Warner Bros Discovery headquarters, fans are worried about the DCEU’s future. Since Zack Snyder is developing Red Moon with Netflix, fans are hoping he can bring the DCEU with him and finish what he started. 

Others are not really happy about watching Snyder’s Justice League 2 and 3 at home on Netflix.  

Other Twitteratis are more realistic, opining that taking two different routes will create unnecessary competition between Gunn and Snyder’s universes.

Yuvraj seems to think Netflix needs to offer money to current CEO Zaslav to end this war. 

While Snyder’s Superman reboot was successful, his following Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice was lambasted. Then there was the controversy with Justice League. That was the end of Snyder’s involvement with DC. For years fans waited for Man of Steel 2, which is now canceled along with Wonder Woman 3. Under the new leadership of James Gunn and Peter Safran, it’s reported that they are working on a new plan for the DCEU – a future that does not involve Cavill’s Superman. This decision did not sit well with the fans because it essentially rendered the previous movies irrelevant. 

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Do you want Netflix to save Snyder’s version of DCU too?

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