Fan Creates an Exquisite Oppenheimer-Esque Poster for Ryan Gosling’s ‘Barbie’

Fan Creates an Exquisite Oppenheimer-Esque Poster for Ryan Gosling’s ‘Barbie’

Two of the most awaited movies have been in the news this week. Both Barbie in which we will see Ryan Gosling play the dream boy Ken and Christopher Nolan’s Oppenheimer have released their first posters and have stunned the fans over the same. Take a look at what’s brewing amongst the crazy fans here.

This fan edit of Oppenheimer-style Ryan Gosling Barbie poster has gone viral all over social media

Fans would do anything to keep flaming the fire of exuberance around their awaited movies. In such times comes the Barbie poster in the style of Oppenheimer’s detonated atomic bomb after it went off during the world wars. The clouds resemble of the smoke cloud over Hiroshima and Nagasaki during the second world war. The movie Barbie is about the Barbie doll and her love interest Ken, played by Ryan Gosling and Margot Robbie as the Barbie herself.

The fanfare around the two movies makes it difficult to wait for their release

This is one easy-going rom-com movie that would be fun to watch in contrast to the tensions of war in Oppenheimer. Nolan’s Oppenheimer is about the life journey of J.Oppenheimer, the man behind the invention of atomic bombs used in the second world war. It stars Cillian Murphy as Dr. J Robert, who works together with his team during the Manhatten project and conceived the first ever atomic bomb for America. A final alternative counterattack on the Japanese after the devastating Pearl Harbor attack that took down huge chunks of the US naval fleet into the sea.

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Christopher Nolan’s movies have always been high-IQ movies that simple minds wouldn’t comprehend. It takes a lot of brainstorming for one to pay great attention to each and every detail only to understand what’s actually happening. Meanwhile, Ryan Gosling’s Barbie has gained huge popularity with a brilliant line of cast and a phenomenal team of supporting casts. Moreover, it is being directed by an Oscar-winning personality, Greta Gerwig who’s known for her works in Little Women and many more.

Considering the hype around the two, it seems as if it is going to be a nip and tuck affair. Both the directors have announced the release date of the movies, and fans would be baffled to know that it’s the same for both. 21st of July will be a tough decision to make since fans seem quite impressed by the two.

Which one will you go to watch next year? Share your answer with us in the comments.

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