Fans Compare the ‘Last of Us’ “Baby Girl” Scene to the Game, As Pedro Pascal and Bella Ramsey Bring It to Life

Fans Compare the ‘Last of Us’ “Baby Girl” Scene to the Game, As Pedro Pascal and Bella Ramsey Bring It to Life

When a live-action show is based on a novel, game, or animation, comparisons are bound to happen. The latest HBO Max show, which was adapted from the 2013 video game The Last of Us, has become an instant hit amongst the fans. With the brutal scenes, the plot, and the action at every minute, it was a challenge that the show makers won successfully.

A fan on Twitter posted the iconic scene of Joel (Pedro Pascal) consoling Ellie (Bella Ramsey) after a harrowing scene. They portrayed this to be an intense, heart-touching scene even in the game. The tough characters have a brief vulnerable moment when Joel says,Oh baby girl… it’s okay.” That line is one of the last things that the protagonist says to his own daughter Sarah, years before.

In the scene, one of the villains, David, tries to rape young Ellie after she constantly tries to escape and resists his actions. In a moment of survival, she gets her hands on a machete and starts butchering him aggressively. Realizing the intensity of the moment, she runs out in tears, only to be hugged by Joel. She begins panicking at his touch for a moment and that is when he repeats the ‘baby girl’ dialogue from the game. 

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Now, fans in the comments are not just emotional but are also making comparisons to the original scene from the action game.

What do fans feel about Pedro Pascal and Bella Ramsey’s re-enactment of The Last of Us?

Striking true to the original source always has great importance when re-making it for a show or a movie. As for the fans of The Last of Us, the comparisons made between the characters were mostly positive. One fan complimented the show for its perfect execution, while another one hailed Ramsey’s acting in the episode.


Then there are those who prefer the real actors in the show over the movie, after getting used to it. In fact, fans want are demanding that the series be showered with awards for creating what they did. With one season out with eight episodes, it will be seen what will happen in Season 2 if it is indeed confirmed.

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What did you think of the scene when compared to The Last of Us game? Put your thoughts in the comments.

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