Fan Once Imagined Henry Cavill as This Iconic Character; The Resemblance Is Uncanny

Fan Once Imagined Henry Cavill as This Iconic Character; The Resemblance Is Uncanny

After the departure of Henry Cavill from his two biggest projects, Man of Steel and The Witcher, fans have started shipping him into other plausible roles that might suit him. It was recently reported that James Gunn wants to see him in a new role as Frankenstein’s monster, which raised fans’ hopes.

With his amazing physique and great looks, Cavill is arguably a great choice for superhero roles. Apparently, in the world where we live, James Bond is also a subconscious superhero. Today, the Man of Steel actor is already a top contender to be the next 007, but a few years ago, one fan wanted him to play yet another dangerous spy. We are talking about Sterling Archer.

Archer is an animated character and his fans have been demanding a live-action version of him for a long time now. In the year 2015, a user named nicosebbuu posted on 9GAG about the extraordinary resemblance between Cavill and Sterling Archer by commenting that the 39-year-old shares an uncanny resemblance with the spy previously voiced by H. Jon Benjamin.

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Who is Sterling Archer that fans want Henry Cavill to be?

Sterling Mallory Archer is one of the most dangerous spies in the history of fictional spies. He was part of an American sitcom that ran from 2009 until 2019 on the basic cable network FX and is presently airing on FXX. Archer’s code name is “Duchess”, named after his beloved mother’s pet dog.

This spy works for the International Secret Intelligence Service aka ISIS and is famous for his rude and sexist nature. He is a raging drunk who makes use of his status to seduce women. His nature and accountability were greatly influenced by severe trauma and significant events that occurred during the middle seasons of the show.

Archer is a tough and straightforward man and becomes deeply affected when his ex-fiancée Katya Kazanova dies in the show. He has very complicated relationships with the women around him. At some point, he even yells his mother’s name while having s*x, which shows the complications he has with emotions.

In a nutshell, he shares a lot of physical similarities with the British actor with respect to look and hence, if the live-action series of this show ever comes into play, Cavill will make a perfect Sterling Archer.

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