Everything You Need To Know About Ryan Reynolds’ Six-figure Luxury Car Collection Till Date

Everything You Need To Know About Ryan Reynolds’ Six-figure Luxury Car Collection Till Date

Deadpool star Ryan Reynolds has now established himself as an entrepreneur more than a movie actor. Although his career as the edgy Marvel Superstar has reached heights of success, Reynolds did not settle for anything less. After having bought the famous Wales football club to launch a new sim card of his own, the Reynolds business empire has just been flourishing with each passing day. 

In a fortune as such, it comes as no surprise that the star harbors a special fascination with cars and got lots of them. Along with his luxury homes, expensive jewelry, and a sophisticated lifestyle, the Hollywood A-lister has a magnificent car collection to boast. And we can never have enough of it. Ranging from a breathtaking Lamborghini to flaunting an Escalade, he has it all. 

The top five supercars that made it to Ryan Reynolds favorite 

The one that tops the list as Ryan Reynolds’ all-time favorite is his Lamborghini Aventador. As reported by The Sun, the supercar is specially designed by Italian Automotive as a mid-engine sports car. Leveling up with its looks, the road market price of the car stands at €277,226 with slight fluctuations. 

Next is undoubtedly his full-size luxury SUV Cadillac Escalade by General Motors. The 1999 model boasts all standard features in platinum models with 682 horsepower as the silver lining to the cloud. Nonetheless, his Audi R8 is no less than an intimidating model owned by the father of three. Its essence can be very well estimated by the road price which stands at €143,495 as of now. 

Next would be Reynolds’ two-door luxury roadster Mercedes-Benz 190 SL. The value of this beauty rounds up at €125,000 with a top speed of 107 mph. This supercar is undoubtedly one of the star’s most desired properties. Lastly, it is his Nissan Leaf which is the only electric vehicle owned by the star. 

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Which of Ryan Reynolds’ luxuries did you like the most? Were you aware of his lavish car collection and his massive interest in automobiles? What do you think of Ryan Reynolds possessing such beauties as his property? Let us know in the comments below. 

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