“Every girls dream,”- A Look Back Into Julia Fox’s Comments About Dating Kanye West

“Every girls dream,”- A Look Back Into Julia Fox’s Comments About Dating Kanye West

Kanye West has dated quite a number of people, but the one with Julia Fox certainly stuck for a long time. Fox is an Italian American actress and model who has remained in the news for professional work but also for her dating history with Kim Kardashian’s former husband. After Ye separated from the SKIMS owner, he was linked to several models.

This also included Bradley Cooper’s former partner Irina Shayk. But his dating phase with Fox was certainly a very public one, from attending fashion shows to fancy dinners. Over time, the Breakthrough Actor Award nominee revealed her dating experience with Ye, from praising him to distancing herself from him. Here is how she has praised the Donda singer so far.

A look into Julia Fox’s comments on her dating experience with Kanye West

Julia Fox recently claimed that the one reason why she dated West was to keep him from harassing Kim Kardashian. But despite their separation, the Uncut Gems actress once said how she loved just to be in his company, “Even being in the studio with him and Future and listening to the new songs — which by the way, are fucking insane — that’s really cool. I love that.

As per Insider, she said that she did not prefer any labels when the two were dating. “It’s really such a Gemini/Aquarius connection. It’s very inspirational.” She once recalled how he filled her room with clothes to surprise her: “It was every girl’s dream come true,” according to her. Fox has always maintained how she and Ye would have intellectual conversations, including talking about children’s education.

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What mesmerized her about the Donda singer was his creativity. “He’s such a doer,” according to the No Sudden Move actress. Ye can make any thought come to reality. During an interview with Interview Magazine, the actress expressed how she packed not only her clothes but also her old self after meeting the Donda Academy owner.

Although she has denied using him for fame, if anything, the actress seems to be struggling to get roles since the breakup.

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